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And the only honest argument of carnivores about why the eat meat is, that the suffering of other beings interests them a shit.


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Italia: Undercover investigation about factory farming under water!


In Europe, about 74 million tons of marine animals worth 120 billion euros are raised in aquaculture. An Italian organization, “Essere Animali “, wanted to know under what conditions.

And what they found is scary!!

With hidden cameras they have discovered farms similar to those for meat, millions of fish locked up in cages, manipulated and transported as if they were objects. They are not even allowed to stun before death: they are left agonized for long minutes. That of fish is a silent suffering on which it is urgent to intervene.

The EU Commission in a report in March 2018 stated that there are serious abuses in the factory farming of fish (aquaculture).

But EU sees no further need to protect fish!

The Commission justifies this by saying that “the welfare of fish could also be achieved through ‘voluntary measures, as demonstrated by the industry’s improvements in recent years” (!!)


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