The torture of elephants in the tourism jungle!


All tourists who fly to Thailand to ride elephants, or to do stupid selfies with wild animals should know one thing: A wilderness elephant will never voluntarily allow it to be caressed or carry people on its back – they are captured, tortured, and then serve as tourist attractions.

In Sri Lanka and Thailand elephant babies are captured illegally.

In the hunt for them, the poachers kill up to five adult animals that want to protect their offspring, writes the animal welfare association Pro Wildlife. Then an elephant baby is trapped in a very small cage or hole in the ground where it can not move.

The elephant babies are then beaten with sticks, starved for many days and deprived of sleep. The cruel “training” lasts until it has learned to fear and obey people, until his will is broken, until he no longer shows resistance.

This custom is known in Thailand as “Phajaan”.


The following video shows what we mean by “broken will”!



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