Japanese activists file lawsuit against Taiji


Recently, Dolphin Project had the opportunity to speak with Ren Yabuki of the Life Investigation Agency (LIA). LIA focuses on the representation of animals in Japan. We met Ren for the first time in the 2016/17 dolphin hunt season when he came to Taiji to find out about the problems of the prison industry in Japan.


He says: “When the news reports on the subject matter, they are very biased and do not accurately portray the available information. The media tends to hide and cover up information for the Japanese people by never telling the full truth”.

The suppression of freedom of speech and of the press is a broad phenomenon when it comes to the truth about the crimes against animals.

Paul Sethe, a German publicist and journalist said many years ago: “Press freedom is the freedom of two hundred rich people to spread their opinions.”


For more..at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/02/16/japanese-activists-file-lawsuit-against-taiji/

My best regards, Venus


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