Spain: the Passion story of the galgos


To Galgo Day, 1 February


From birth, the sensitive dogs are trained for the hunt with cruel methods and repeatedly abused terribly. Many animals are kept in dark cellars or sheds. Others in small crates, tons or old cars.

When the hunting season is over at the beginning of February, the Galgos’ suffering history reaches its sad climax: animals that are no longer producing are disposed of ice cold by their owners.

The hunters starve the galgos, bury them alive, hang them on trees, drag them to death by car or throw them into deep wells. When the dogs are “lucky” they end up with broken bones in the street.

That’s Spain too!

The welcome myths from the media and travel catalogs have bombarded us for years with slogans and national myths that Spain is a fascinating country :

the Spaniards know to eat, the Spaniards know to live, to love, to enjoy!!!
Spain, the nation with “el temperamento de pura raza”! Go for Vacation in Spain!

And so today Spain can (almost) live from tourism, which it does not deserve.
A country with bullfighting as a cultural heritage, a country with an annual galgos massacre of 50,000, a country with the most brutal tradition in bull torture in Europe  (Toro de la Vega, Toro del Fuego, San Fermín days … etc) such a country deserves tourism boycott!

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  1. This is an horrendous story, many times read and heard. It does a really bad propaganda to Spain and to the hunters, again, as with the Plaza de Toros and the horrible treatment deserved to bulls… I can’t immagine why the spanish law doesn’t put a stop to this massacre against sentient beings. The humans doing that horror, deserve a severe punishment. It’s about time to end the pain that humans give to the one’s we just call “animals”…
    I need four more years, when I’m retired, myself I will walk from Switzerland to Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre, for the cause of the animals: the sentient beings we call “animals” from all over the planet. It will take more than tree months, and I will write each day a diary and take pictures, for my cause to help them!

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