Hopelessness from the lab

Imagine that you would be thrown into deep water. You try to escape by climbing up the sides, but the walls of the container are just too slippery and steep. You swim wildly; You try to keep your heads above water at all costs so as not to drown. But you are terrified and have no strength left.

What sounds like a nightmare is reality for thousands of mice, rats and other small animals – even today.

This criminal idiocy is being conducted in university and pharmaceutical laboratories to test potential anti-depressantseven in Germany.


The so-called infamous “Forced Swim Test”, ( also known as the “Behavioral Test on Hopelessness”), is a widespread – but completely useless – animal experiment. As you can see in this video, experimenters place mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters or gerbils in a water-filled container from which they can not escape.

The animals panic and try to climb out on the sides of the container. Some even dive and look further down for an exit. They paddle wildly to somehow keep their heads afloat. At some point, they are only driving.


And the results?

Animals that are senselessly tortured to death, a bunch of criminal Nazis who disguise themselves as “researchers” and waste billions from our cash register for their career, and have never brought a result for the good of man.

But these criminal idiots continue to work, they continue to earn, the animals continue to die, and serious illnesses still torment us all.

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/03/05/hopelessness-from-the-lab/

My best regards to all, Venus


EU: murder business with chicken parts in Africa

Everyone wants only the best of chicken and what can not be sold in Europe is transported to Africa and recycled there.

Look at the discounters in the meats, see chicken fillet, chicken schnitzel and chicken thighs, but where is the rest?

These are mainly poultry leftovers such as offal, wings and necks, which are not in demand in Europe. And they are sold to dumping prices in Africa.


The European Union has a long and shameful history of abusive agricultural trade practices directed at Africa and other developing regions.

Its predatory approach has had a catastrophic effect and has devastated poultry farmers and producers in Africa and elsewhere.


For more…https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/03/05/eu-murder-business-with-chicken-parts-in-africa/

My best regards, Venus