England: 6/4/19 – National Demos To Stop Foie Gras Imports Into UK.


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Myths and truth


The biggest danger for lambs is not the wolf, but Easter!


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The industry of bad fairy tales

The second largest bear population on the European continent (after Russia) lives in the Romanian forests.
It is estimated that this is about 6,000 brown bears, but a scientifically sound census of the brown bear population has not yet taken place.

Nevertheless, since July 2018, the hunt for bears is again permitted, and approved by the government. The previous months had been preceded by media reports of increasing bear attacks on people, settlements and farm animals in some regions of Romania.

First of all, it must be stated: Humans do not belong in the prey scheme of a bear. However, when animals approach human settlements, or bears in the wild feel threatened by humans or want to protect their young, conflicts can occasionally occur. The main cause of bear attacks is the man-made habitat loss of the bear.

The brown bears have been read from their territories and have looked at other sources of food. As a result, the bear continues to fear for their animals, and refuse bins on the outskirts of villages, which are located near the forest areas, so attract foraging bears.

And as soon as the animals are forced to search for food in residential areas, the machinery of death begins for them:
the hunters demand higher firing quota, the government approves it because it brings, as hunting trophies, the hunting associations the most money. And every government in this world works hand in hand with hunters.  The main thing is that our European parliamentarians  just keep their butts on the chair and they do not want to do anything about environmental crimes or control the protection of endangered wildlife.


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What A Wonderful World.

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