The vocabulary of the slaughterhouse society🐷


On the 4th of March in Wettringen, North Germany, a pig transporter caught fire. Half of the animals died or had to be killed, according to the police.

64 of them died at the scene of the accident.

Four of them had to be shot by local policemen as their injuries were so severe.

Other animals were euthanized by employees of the district veterinary office.

The surviving pigs were taken to the slaughterhouse – the original destination of the trip (!!!)

If we had a fair press, the message should be written as follows:

In Münsterland Wettringen burned a pig transporter. Half of the animals are burned painfully or had to be shot because of their heavy burns.

The creatures that survived the accident were taken to a nearby slaughterhouse to die just as painfully as their conspecifics recently died painfully at the time of the fire!

Anyone who reads this message should be aware that the torture of animals in transports, farms and slaughterhouses is the result of the boundless indifference of a slaughterhouse society that cares about the suffering of other beings for a shit.

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