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AA March 1 19

Dear all;

Bear Bile farming is a top priority ‘hate’ of mine.

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AA March 3 19


We start the day with two good news!!


Great news: The pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has given a life-saving commitment following talks with PETA USA. In the future, the company will neither conduct the cruel forced swim test itself, nor will it finance appropriate animal testing.

In the forced swimming test, mice or other small animals are placed in a water tank and must swim to despair if they do not want to drown. On March 5, 2019, we reported about it (

Johnson & Johnson made the right decision with the end of the forced swim test, because the experiment is not only scientifically useless, but also incredibly cruel.


And now the second good news, also from USA!


In a resounding victory for animals, PETA has learned that the notorious Garden Bros. Circus will be allowed to carry out its scheduled performances in Washington, D.C., this weekend with willing human participants only—no animals can be forced to perform. DC Health denied the circus an Exotic Animal Permit.

Garden Bros. has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and its workers have been caught striking an elephant in the face with a bullhook, whipping a llama onstage, forcing lame elephants to give rides and perform tricks, denying veterinary care to wounded and injured animals, and more.



In Europe, there are 22 countries that have introduced wildlife prohibition or even general prohibition of animals in the circus.

Germany is NOT included.

We can not name it other than that corrupt politicians has made Germany a circus number worldwide.


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My best regards to all, Venus