Germany: the land of semblance democracy


As a reminder for all:  About five months ago, undercover investigations by the organization SOKO documented the following illegal conditions in a slaughterhouse in northern Germany, Saxony:

he cattle got electric shocks. They got them if they did not go to the slaughterhouse by themselves, they got them if they did not want to get up. If they could not get up at all, they put a chain around their forelegs and drag them down the trailer with a kind of winch.

Calves were thrown from the trailer into the slaughterhouse.

Such animals, which are no longer transportable, the farmer may no longer bring to the slaughterhouse, they may not be used by the slaughterhouse itself. But the disposal of a dead farm animal costs money, the slaughterhouse may bring a few euros. Dead animals must not be brought to a slaughterhouse at all. These are cruel scenes. But what shocks even more: that’s illegal!


And now the reaction of “responsible” politicians!


The Lower Saxony  regional chief, ( also minister of economics in Saxony), called Bernd Althusmann, did not understand the problem.

In a press statement, he speaks of the fact that the previous animal welfare measures at slaughterhouses, the animal cruelty “would not have prevented”.

Now the state should take responsibility – and not these “criminal burglars”. This is what Althusmann calls the animal rights activists who have uncovered scandals in three slaughterhouses in Lower Saxony!!

He criminalized the animal rights activists, he calls them “criminal burglars”, without whose commitment, the slaughterhouse -for example-  in Bad Iburg would not have been closed. Actually, he should be grateful to them!!!.

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