The Mengele`es of Brussels


Brutal sterilization of city pigeons in Brussels without anesthesia!

In the capital of the EU Parliament, in the middle of the 21st century animals are sterilized without anesthesia, reminiscent of middle age!

How ice cold and dulled must be “veterinarians” to do something unbelievably painful, even cruel to these peaceful, absolutely defenseless animals! This is also practiced, as can be seen, completely without empathy and routinely coarse, in rows, as if it were any objects.
And without any disinfection, with rubber rings brutally and painfully fixed on feet and wings!



It’s unbelievable how much rudeness is drilled and poked around in the deep, open wounds of non-anesthetized animals, and fallopian tubes or whatever are simply pulled out and torn.

The fact that the feathers have already been plucked out in the required place before is the most “harmless” part of this clearly conscious, disgusting animal cruelty in this incredibly painful procedure, which is carried out with the utmost ignorance!

HOW is it possible that such a thing is obviously allowed in Belgium without any contradiction?
WHY will not something be done against the pigeon breeders, who are the perpetrators of the problems, who also demand torments and abnormal “sporting” excellence from the animals?

WHAT happens to the tortured pigeons and their deep open wounds afterwards? It is polluted and is operated under bad hygienic conditions, so that subsequent infections in wounds can not be excluded. In these, the pigeons on the street can die painfully. Are the severely abused and suffering animals simply left to their fate ???

Do they get anything against the murderous pain, at least after this martyrdom?

Probably not even that!
In Brussels, as the video shows, there seems to be no animal welfare and animal welfare ethics.

That must not remain uncommented. That can not be without reaction!

Let’s call for an immediate stop to this madness!

We have made a simple but meaningful letter that anyone can send to these addresses:,,,,

Dear Sirs and Madames,

we too are appalled that such a brutal anesthetic sterilization on the city pigeons in Brussels is allowed!
In the capital of the European Parliament, in the 21st century, no medieval practices on animals should be used.

How is something like this possible?! Who is responsible for such barbarism?

Please ensure that the stun-free sterilization of city doves is stopped immediately and that more humane, civilized, contemporary alternatives are used!

With stunned greetings,

Name, Nationality

For more…at:


My comment: Apparently in Brussels a clear animal cruelty and even in absolutely legal form is operated!
Thousand of pigeons are bred in farms for racing.
Therefore, they are regularly “trained” for the race:

The animals are brought away from their pigeon house for over a thousand kilometers.
Because pigeons have an extremely strong sense of family and are extremely loyal animals, they are desperate to find their way back to their family as soon as possible.

In the pigeons races 50% of the pigeons do not come back. These losses are always factored in for profit!
Those who do not come back to the dovecote die painfully from dehydration, exhaustion, or injury, or are stranded in cities where they lead a sorrowful life and are sterilized by Mengeles without anesthesia.

And all this happens legally, and with the blessing of the Brussel-EU!
Further proof that Brussels is slowly becoming a horror cabinet for animals.

My best regards to all, Venus