Humanity: a killer machinery


There are millions of wild animals in captivity worldwide – in zoos, theme parks, sanctuaries, dolphinaria, circuses and elephant camps.


There are also many other individual captive animals exploited for human entertainment. Many of these animals are kept in poor conditions – neglected, suffering or abused.


We want to prevent the suffering of wild animals in captivity and encourage people like you, whether in your home country or overseas, to look out for captive wild animals and flag your concerns.

You can report your concerns, highlight animal welfare issues, share information, and provide advice and guidance – here: 

Learn how to take action to help animals.

Many of these animals are kept in poor conditions – neglected, suffering or being abused.

The illegal trade, for example, with monkeys is a billion dollar business.



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My comment: The fundamental rights of life, liberty and bodily integrity – rights that every person reading this piece demands or takes for granted –are created by humans and only exclusive for human animals.

People can fight for their freedom, animals can not. That is the big difference between all liberation movements in relation to humans and the liberation of animals.

Today, we live in the largest system of apartheid of all time, under the most intensive use of all technical and scientific possibilities: everything for the welfare of the people and everything for the exploitation of the animals.

And on the other hand, the flood of humanity is spreading like an all-consuming plague … it’s a criminal world we live in!

My best regards, Venus


England: Sealed ‘Box’ Animal Trailers; How the Industry Dodges Identifying What they Carry – and the EU Does NOTHING About It.

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From Mark – This is not going to be short – but I will aim to keep it that way if possible.

Now that we are covering a lot at present with regard live animal exports; I have decided to go public with some work which I did back in 2012 regarding live British sheep being exported by Dutchman ‘Onderwater’ on his ship, the ‘Joline’.

The main issue of this report which I produced was to show up (yet again) the complete inconsistencies of the EU and the non adherence to the regulations set in animal transportation protection order EU Regulation 1/2005.

The regulations say that (animal) transporters should be clearly ‘signed’ to alert people that live animals are being carried. Ok, you can see this is not necessary with a ‘normal’ tiered livestock transporter, but with the ‘box’ type transporters which are used in Europe, we enter a different region where the carrying of live animals in a vehicle is not clear at all. This for example, is how Onderwater (the Dutch livestock haulier) deceived the UK authorities by making it look like he was carrying boxed / chilled meat in a ’box’ type animal trailer, when actually it was carrying live animals (sheep).


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Would you be aware if you were driving on the motorway that this truck is NOT carrying chilled produce, but instead is full of live animals ?

article 2

See my report photographs (taken by Valerie) which actually show the rear doors of the ‘box’ open and live sheep standing within. If the system allows, I will reproduce one here:

We even gave the EU some suggestion as to how the type of signage which we suggested should be carried on all box type trailers; on the top, bottom, sides and rear. Here is the example of a sign we gave, written in both English and German; for emergency services to read when applicable.


We put forward suggestions of box trailer labelling for several reasons:


  • If, for example, the truck was involved in an accident and was turned onto its side; then our wonderful emergency services would see the signage and know that live animals were being carried. Consequently, they could immediately access the live by the rear doors, cutting into the roof etc. My argument was that without clear signage, emergency services, like many people; may wrongly think that chilled foodstuffs were only being carried, and hence not worry about trailer access.
  • EU Regulation 1/2005 for the ‘protection of animals in transport’; makes it clear in the legislation that labelling is to be shown on vehicles which provides this info to emergency services. Very sadly, as you will read in my report; many animal carrying box trailers are going all over Europe carrying live animals; but without any labelling to make this clear.
  • We have no faith in the EU enforcing anything; so we, (animal welfare organisations) have to act independently to be a voice for the animals and get them the justice they deserve.


I put forward my report t the EU on this issue and how we exposed that ‘live animal’ labels were being covered up whilst the vehicle was on the road. My report gives and example and shows exactly how the labelling is covered up; yet can very easily be removed by the driver when he is going to the authorities at a port for inspections.

In their typical way, the EU authorities were fully of words about how things should be done; but when presented with information on how the rules are broken; as detailed in my report; the EU did its normal and turned the other way.

Cut to now – August 2019; animal carrying but un identified ‘box’ trailers are still being hauled all over the EU. So still, in the event of any accident; emergency services are still completely unaware that live animals are being transported within the trailer. Another issue is access and ventilation. There is obvious lack of access to sick or injured animals in a ‘box’ type trailer so that they can be identified and removed. How can a driver see that animals are ‘ok’ when they are concealed behind the solid walls of a box type trailer ? – and even if he could, which he cannot, how would sick animals be removed from the trailer ?

Livestock carrying trailers have airflow, be it through the tiered vents or via fan systems which are integral to the trailer design. Sealed ‘box’ type trailers have neither. There is usually only a small (30cm) vertical opening at the rear of the trailer through which outside air passes. Is this sufficient for a trailer full of animals ? – I personally think not; but bthe EU authorities allow it, and seem to turn blind eyes to all the anti evidence provided.

So; here s my report on how very small labelling is covered on the road; and quickly removed by the driver once in port going for inspections. Has anything changed over they years ? – NO. Our labelling system was ignored by the EU, and emergency services attending and incident are still none the wiser if live animals are being carried and may require very quick attendance and help.

For me personally, this again shows how the EU preaches one thing in its Regulations, but does not actually give a damn in reality. It is wrong and unjust; and is exactly the reason why I fight to give animals a voice. They do not deserve to be abused like this – I wont give up trying to help those who suffer in silence.


Regards Mark.




Switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change, UN experts have said.

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Switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change, UN experts have said.

A major report on land use and climate change says the West’s high consumption of meat and dairy produce is fuelling global warming.

But scientists and officials stopped short of explicitly calling on everyone to become vegan or vegetarian.

They said that more people could be fed using less land if individuals cut down on eating meat.

The document, prepared by 107 scientists for the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), says that if land is used more effectively, it can store more of the carbon emitted by humans.

England: More Shame On the EU – Expose – The Grim Reality of Dairy Calves In the EU.

Our new undercover investigation released today (22 July) exposes the grim reality for millions of dairy calves across the EU. Separated from their mothers shortly after birth and confined in small, individual pens, these dairy calves are deprived of their natural behaviours and social interaction.

The investigation film – which contains new footage obtained from five Polish dairy farms as well as footage from other EU countries (Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Denmark) – exposes further welfare concerns; hungry calves repeatedly attempting to suckle an investigator’s hand as well as evidence of poor hygiene and inadequate protection from cold temperatures. Additionally, there were incidents of EU law infringement: with calves completely unable to see and touch each other; and calves around three to four months old being kept illegally in pens that were too small for them.

Best estimates suggest that in the European Union as a whole, over 60% of dairy calves – in total over 12 million each year – are similarly restricted during the first few weeks of their lives.

“This investigation reveals the cruel reality for millions of dairy calves in Poland, and across the EU” says Malgorzata Szadkowska, Head of our Polish office. “These calves are separated from their mothers hours after birth, and spend their first eight weeks in isolation, away from the comfort and support that close companionship can provide to social animals like them. This is a completely barbaric and unnecessary practice.”

Our new investigation proves once again what we have documented on multiple occasions: caged systems used in many EU countries, including the UK, are equally cruel.

Emma Slawinski, our Director of Campaigns and Communications says: “It is hard to comprehend that a vulnerable young calf is kept isolated for weeks. Worse still, EU legislation allows this, despite evidence that alternative practices can provide welfare and health .”

You can join the fight to End the Cage Age. Please take action today.

Join over 1 million people and sign the European Citizens’ Initiative, calling for an end to the cage age in the EU.