EU live animal transport to Turkey. So what progress has been made since the DG SANTE (EU) visit and report of 2017 ?

EOA Turkey 2

EU live animal transport to Turkey.

So what progress has been made since the DG SANTE (EU) visit and report of 2017 ?

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“This is a massive double moral”!


Friedrich Mülln lies somewhere in Hungary in the bushes. He is well camouflaged, wears camouflage and has covered his face. He must not be discovered under any circumstances. Because what he is currently filming with his camera, no one should actually see. The animal rights activist of “SOKO Tierschutz” is in the process of revealing a scandal.



He sees how brutally a Hungarian subcontractor treats turkeys to be slaughtered in Germany. The animals are beaten, kicked and thrown by force into the livestock truck.

“When I lay there in the bushes and saw how the animals are beaten and they are smashed into the van from one meter away,” says Mülln, “then you feel powerless and can not do anything, otherwise you’re the next one yourself is beaten. ”


Foto: SOKO Tierschutz e.V, 2014


The turkeys are to be transported to Bavaria, Germany. More specifically, after Ampfing. There sits the turkey slaughterhouse “South German Turkey AG”.
The turkey farm in Hungary is one of the subcontractors, where the brutal pictures that we see in video have been made.

“In 2014, “ SOKO Animal Welfare ” actually documented the whole potpourri of this company’s horror: unbelievable brutality in the fattening farms, where animals were thrown alive into the trash, turkeys were beaten down with truncheons, even animals were hunted alive,” says Mülln.
“That happened in Bavaria and also in Baden-Wuerttemberg – documented by us.These recordings now from Hungary show: The company has learned nothing”!!

“The system causes the problems”

“It`s hardly getting better, the system causes the problems,” says Mülln. “If you want to load animals in such a mass in the shortest possible time, you dress animal suffering, for that people are not made.”


Foto: SOKO Tierschutz e.V


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My comment: Paul Mccartney said, “If the walls of the slaughterhouses were made of glass, all humans would become vegans.”

The walls have been of glass today.
We have never had as many undercover investigations in Germany as in recent years.
In mass animal husbandry, in experimental laboratory, in fur farms …

“Good information is hard to come by.
It’s just harder to do anything with them, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said.

We have information today, more than ever.
If something is permanently abused today, that is the right of the other, of the animals, we know it.
But by the state legitimation of the brutal animal mass murder nobody commits itself to the consequent action, and eating meat everyone considers as his good right.

Whether the animals suffer or not, most people simply do not care. Main thing cheap and a lot of meat.

Mülln  is right, consumers are not innocent of these crimes when they still consume animal products. They know what it’s all about, they know who do they pay for the dirty work.

The walls of the slaughterhouses are already made of glass, but we live in a society of childlike and indifferent meat-eaters, who regard indignation as the highest moral duty.


My best regards to all, Venus


Whta is behind the sweet honey?


Honeybees, of which there are currently seven recognized species, are used worldwide for the commercial production of honey.

A honeybee colony typically consists of one queen bee, who is a fertile female, up to a thousand drone bees—fertile males and worker bees—and sterile female bees. It is the worker bees who collect both pollen and floral nectar, the latter being used to produce honey.


The nectar is sucked up through the proboscis (the tubular feeding and sucking organ found on the head of the bee), stored in their honey stomach (or “crop”) and transported back to the nest. This stomach holds around 40 milligrams of nectar, which can require over a thousand flowers, and its digestive enzymes break down the sucrose in the nectar into fructose and glucose.


In commercial honey production and artificial bee hives, queen bees are not fertilized by drone bees but are artificially inseminated. A drone bee is selected, his head is crushed, and then he is squeezed to release the semen. Following this, the selected queen bee is rendered unconscious and the semen is inserted into her.

However, many of the drone bees killed for this purpose are deemed unsuitable, and up to 15 are crushed to inseminate one queen bee. Once the queen bee has been successfully inseminated, she will be placed back in the hive. In the wild, queen bees often move nests and will be followed by her worker bees.

As this is not optimal or profitable for commercial honey production, the queen bee will often have her wings clipped so she cannot leave the artificial hive.


Furthermore, to replace the taken honey, beekeepers often give bees a sugar solution that is not comparable to honey and lacks essential nutritional components.

Commercial beekeeping exploits and sexually manipulates both the queen and drone bees. It uses painful body mutilation for the purpose of taking a product intended for someone else.


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My comment: Maybe no other animal natural product is as overrated as honey

As a sweetener honey suggests a special naturalness and is often touted as a healthy alternative to sugar.
Honey has no health benefits over sugar.
Honey is mainly composed of glucose and fructose and is therefore classified as “sugar”.

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids occur in such small amounts that they can not be attributed nutritional importance.

Even worse is the widespread conviction in folk medicine about the therapeutic effect of honey, which is highly controversial according to the current medical state.

In addition, honey causes even more decay due to its stickiness than table sugar.

Conclusion: honey is also sugar and nutritious only for its producers, the bees.
For this, bees are enslaved, exploited and abused.


Who wants to have a clear conscience, abstains from honey and any animal product.

My best regrads, Venus