Dating among psychopaths


Hunting, fun, enjoyment and new contacts in a hunt for singles in Saxony-Anhalt from 25.-27. October 2019

Dear hunters men and hunters women,

Do you want to spend a great weekend under the hunter singles? The ” love hunt” organizes together with Forest office Eibenstein a hunting experience of a special kind for hunters men and hunters women who are looking for a partner.



A fun speed dating ensures that you can get a sniff on the first evening 🙂

Date: October 25th to 27th, 2019

Number of participants: The number of participants is limited to 30 people. That it can max. 15 hunters and 15 hunters participate.

Prerequisites and instructions:

You have a valid hunting license and are single between the ages of 25 and 55.
In addition to the valid hunting license, you are also in possession of a firearms card, on which the hunting weapon is registered. In addition, an orange hat band and a safety vest must be worn while hunting (can be provided).

In addition to these points, we also ask you to think of weather-related clothing for the driven hunt.

If you would like to participate in the event, please write an email to and introduce yourself shortly.

A photo of you would be great too! We also need that for speed dating 🙂

Registration deadline: 30.08.2019

After the registration deadline, we reserve the right to select the participants on the basis of age and gender and, if necessary, to trigger them. The confirmation of participation you get from Forest Office Eibenstein by email.

Terms of payment: With the registration confirmation you will receive our bank account. Payment of the total amount must be made within 8 days. Participation is only possible after full payment.

The general terms and conditions of Forest Office Eibenstein apply. You can download the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Forest Office Eibenstein here.

Total prices including all mentioned services (additional value tax):

in a single room € 594, – per person
in a double room € 554, – per person
The total price includes the following services:

2 nights incl. Half-board (3-course dinner in the evening)
Organization and processing fees
Sparkling win the start of the SpeedDating
speed dating
Drivers, dogs and dog dealers
Killings of: red deer (calves, small animals, old animals – no lead animals, pikes)
Wild boar (boobies, brooks, boar)
Deer wild (fawn, narrow deer, doe)
Robbery wild (Fox, raccoon dog, raccoon, mink)

Lots of fun, fresh air with luck and new contacts!
We look forward to seeing you


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My comment: I am sure that my post will arouse great interest among our readers.
If you want to contact them, it is advisable to do this in German, as hunters are not the smartest and can hardly speak their native language, let alone English.
Then I like to help


Best regards to all, Venus


Jair Bolsonaro and the arsonists!!



Bolso oh Bolso !!! Sure, it was the animal rights activists !!
Nero also accused the Christians of setting fire to Rome !!!

The evidence can not be denied: in fact, it’s his clients, the Grand Latifundistas, the Agrarian Lobby and the Mineros who put the fire unpunished – knowing that they have nothing to fear. From whom? Bolsonaro, the psychotic, the arm of the great Brazilian livestock.

He gives them the free hand to acquire rainforest areas where it will soon no longer rain.
They blow up huge areas, murder the Indígenas, then bribe a regional politician and get the stamp on the certificate that the ashes are now their property.

He puts his election pledge into action, and gives the soybean farmers and cattle breeders fire-free to clear new land. The first firefighting aircraft to emerge there would therefore be the immediate victim of Brazilian interceptors.
The constitutional state in Brazil was abolished personally by Jair Maníaco. These are facts!

The whole thing is called “Rainforest”. The forest generates its own climate. If the rainforest disappears or falls below a limit, there is less rainfall and the system of a tropical rainforest collapses. If that happens, in the agricultural land won will no longer get any rain. The farmers can then pack in general. The soil is fertile only for a short time anyway and in the end, even the rain is missing. If the rain is missing then no reforestation will work. But environmental protection interests them as little as human rights.

The lackeys of Bolsonaro want to create a pasture that is fertile for three years and then becomes a desert. Idiots economy is called it.

But now to the EU: EU must immediately terminate the contract. With environmental criminals one should close no agreements.

Europe imports a lot of soybeans to feed high-yielding cows so they can produce enough milk to not only feed Europeans, but also to export cheaply (subsidized) to China and Africa, with which e.g. the dairy farmers in Africa have no more merit and start out as migrants to Europe.
And that’s been going on for tens of years.
No hope this will change as long as we have EU.
The Bolsonaro policy is without a doubt criminal but the cause of all evil is the EU and that it is contaminated with lobby.

Best regards to all, Venus


Brazil: The ‘Nero’ President – Destroyer of The Amazon.

Brazil – More Amazon. A ‘Nero’ President.

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All he needs now is a Harp !





Brazil Told ‘Our House Is Burning’ – President Adopts Trump Attitude and Dismisses It.

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