UK: Foxhunting – Illegal but still exploited by some despite the ban.


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UK: Foxhunting – Illegal but still exploited by some despite the ban.

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Salvador Dali Pup Gets All the Attention for a Rescue Shelter.

Rescue Puppy Born with Adorable ‘Mustache’ is Breaking the Internet

I just had to put this beautiful little pup on here tonight – just to end the day with something good after all the export downers we have been experiencing.

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Images of a beautiful rescue puppy born with a Salvador Dali-like “mustache” have caused a stir online after the dog was saved from the streets and put up for adoption, along with her mother and ten siblings, by Hearts & Bones Rescue.

Initially referred to as “mustache pup,” this adorable five-week-old puppy has now been named Salvador Dolly due to her resemblance to the surrealist Spanish artist. Inquiries about adopting her are flooding into the non-profit organization.

Dolly, along with her mother and siblings, is currently living with a loving foster family in Dallas. The whole crew is looking for forever homes in New York City and will be ready for transport at the end of August.

The rescue organization has highlighted the vital importance of people fostering and adopting rescued animals. “We were only able to save Dolly and her family because we had a foster to take them in,” it stated in a Facebook post. “The more people we have ready to open their hearts and homes to a dog in need, the more we can save!”

Puppy with moustache

Salvador Dolly’s road to fame is just getting started, as she is now the face of Hearts & Bones Rescue animal adoption drive and is even on a T-Shirt saying “I mustache you to adopt.”

Rescue dogs make great companions and this unique little puppy is a great reminder of how special all animals are.



I think we how have enough evidence to show EU transport rules are up with Fairy commissioners.

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I Think We have Presented All the Evidence Needed to Show That EU Legislation for ‘ the Protection of’ Animals In Transport Is Up With EU Commissioner Fairies ! – Read on and Find Out Why.

EU-animal transport guides: animals are tranported in the best possible ways


“As a proffessional driver, the animals are in your hands. You need a certificate of competence to carry live animals.

Image: Manfred Karremann



European Commission, DG Sante pilot project: “Three years ago our consortium started the adventure of developing good and better practices for the transport of 5 groups of animals.

Now in February 2019, we completed the EU project work, having developed guidelines, fact sheets, videos and having toured many European countries to forward our findings and discuss how to improve animal transport. Although officially this means the end of the project, we will keep on spreading our messages. This website will be kept alive and we hope that we will even be able to add additional translations of our documents on a later stage.

Our Facebook page will also be kept alive and report routinely on EU events on animal transport.

We invite everybody to keep using the recommendations to make sure animals are transported in the best possible ways (!!!)


And here is the visualization of the Animal Transport Guides (more videos on WorldAnimalsVoice)


EU-Kommission: ..”We invite everybody to keep using the recommendations to make sure animals are transported in the best possible ways” (!!!)

Eurogroup for Animals: The leading animal welfare organisation at EU level:
We are recognised by the European Parliament and Commission as the leading animal welfare organisation at EU level and represent animal welfare interests on many EU advisory committees and consultation bodies. Over the years we have been instrumental in achieving legal protection and EU standards which dramatically improve the way animals are treated.


Slaughter Lebanon EU cattle

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And we mean: The video work is actually very good, congratulations.
What we do not quite understand, to whom are the videos directed.

To the truck driver?
And before 2018, before the project is completed, did the drivers not know which laws apply to animal transport at EU level?
And now that they finally know, do they have to follow these rules? Or only if they want?

The second is more likely to be the case, as most animal transports do not comply with EU regulations so far.
And because the EU, as the “largest agricultural lobby” (Jean Ziegler quote) respects the opinion of agriculture ministries, animal transporters, slaughterhouse owners.. much more than the life of animals.

The experience of the last months with the transport of 70,000 sheep in the Persian Gulf has shown us.
Even an EU Commissioner – Vitenis Andriukaitis – got involved, a courageous MEP Anja Hazenkamp was also on the ground; but in the end, none of these individuals (who were certainly involved in drafting Animal Transport Guides) could commit the mass murder of (certainly) a thousand sheep!!

Therefore, a very legitimate question arises: if truck drivers, agriculture ministers, slaughterhouse operators, transporters … regulate the transports only on a profit basis and not on the basis of EU-Animal Transpot Regulation, which instance is responsible for their punishment, and which paragraphs regulate their penalties?

So far, it seems that the EU has not thought about it yet.
But we do.
We have not seen any dramatic improvements in animal transport, on the contrary: the condition remains dramatic to catastrophic, with still a high degree of animal suffering.

This suffering can not improve videos if those who cause it are not punished severely.
It’s that easy, even the EU and its staff could understand it.

We are waiting for the infringement procedure against Romania.
Only when that happens can Eurogroup convince us of “dramatic improvements” in animal transport.

My best regards to all, Venus