Australia: Cattle Station Abuses Exposed In Shocking Video – Top of the Tree Nation for Farm Animal Abuses.



WAV Comment – you keep asking yourself if it can get any worse, after watching footage after footage of the way Australian animals are treated; live exports and the rest. Well yes, it does continue to get worse, and here is another example – taken at 4 different cattle stations in Norther Australia.

Fortunately, these industries are driving lots of nails into their own coffins by what they are doing. We hope they are dead and buried very soon; they do not deserve to exist. As you can hear in the video, it is all a matter of cost – the stations do not want to invest in veterinarians – so they do botched killings of cattle (some shot in the head 4 times; and they still survive !) and the value of the animal is weighed against if it is even worth getting any veterinary treatment !

And it all goes on in the stations which are in the middle of nowhere; where officials never go or do not want to go. This is the Australian government approach to ALL animal issues; also especially those of live exports – they do not care as long as financial gain is at the top of the tree.

We will continue to support the work of brave investigators who risk a lot to expose these abuses; be they on cattle stations, sheep stations or during the long export journeys around the world.

Looking forward very soon to watching them drive the ultimate nail into their own coffin – scum like this do not deserve to be in employment.

Israeli-based investigation agency, Sentient, has captured harrowing footage of cattle having their horns cut off without pain relief and animals being left to die on Australia’s remote outback stations.


The shocking footage taken from four cattle stations in Northern Australia has aired on prime-time television in Israel and renewed calls to shut down the live cattle trade to the country.

Investigators witnessed cattle undergoing surgical procedures including dehorning and castration, without any pain relief; animals being punched and kicked; botched euthanasia attempts; and sick or injured animals left to die without veterinary intervention.

The only thing more shocking than the systemic abuse exposed through this investigation, is that some of it is entirely legal.

We were amazed to find out that some of the worst practices we have seen, including dehorning without using pain relief, are legal in Australia.Investigator, Sentient

Demand better treatment of Australian cattle and hold the industry accountable for the welfare of these animals, by taking action now:

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with my own eyes…



Animal Equality

Animal rights activist and actress, Rooney Mara, has joined global farmed animal advocacy organization, Animal Equality, on an undercover investigation inside two factory farms.

The investigation, called “With My Own Eyes,” narrated by Mara, reveals pigs and chickens who are raised for meat, languishing in abhorrent conditions and encourages viewers to examine the harsh and painful reality for billions of animals and the many reasons the global community must break its dependence on animal products.

My comment:  I find it positive that an artist is used as the actor on this video.
Artists are mostly uninterested in animal welfare.
There is a misconception that artists are particularly sensitive, politically and socially.
That’s not true.
I belong to this milieu.

I remember when we had the opera “Lohengrin” (from Richard Wagner) in the theater where I work.

An important role in this opera plays a swan, and the director wanted to use a live swan.
“The swan, for me is more than an animal, a wonderful creature between death, grief and beauty, I can not do that symbolically and only with a stuffed animal,” he told us.

And every night, after a long drive of three hours, a “movie animal” came to the theater and first waited behind the stage for his appearance in a tight lattice cage and in an extremely loud environment (Wagner, as we all know, loved wind instruments).
Afterwards, the swan had to stay on the stage, free on a basket, together with 50 people for half an hour.

Nobody has noticed him.
I stood in front of his cage every night and I felt how sad, anxious and often angry he was with this circus. I was too.
Complaint to the veterinary office did not help, “film” animals are used by law everywhere.
I understood, the the argument “animal welfare” did not work, there had to be another reason.

One night I decided to go the other way and staged an “accident”.
When he came on stage I was close to him and suddenly pushed him forward.
He got scared, flew across the stage, reached the orchestra and then the audience.

The performance was interrupted, the swan captured by its owner and “due to security reasons” the director has decided that he no longer occurs.

What I mean by that … At least 100 artists were involved in this production.
Everyone could “see” with his own eyes how the animal suffered.
One has “seen” this too, but when it comes to animal suffering, “seeing” alone does not help.
The difference is the action.

And that’s why I find the video very motivating, precisely because an artist conveys an important message to all, that “see” is not enough.


My best regards to all, Venus