Delicacy from the torture chamber: the christmas geese


Stuffed, fattened, tortured: the life of the Christmas geese



The so-called Christmas celebrations together with the New Year and the so-called Easter festivals have become the cruelest slaughter festivals of mankind, which among other things bring painful deaths to millions of geese and other animals.

In reality, it is a festival for the animal cannibal connoisseur and not a festival of love, the festival of Christmas.

Turkeys are often taken from their barns late at night, to make it easier for workers to collect them. They are picked up by their ankles, carried upside down and roughly shoved into crates.

During this process, their bones—weakened and brittle from the lack of sunlight and nutrition—are often broken, and their bodies bruised.They are then transported to a slaughterhouse.


Across the world, it is often legal to transport turkeys without food and water for days on end, in open-sided crates where they are exposed to weather extremes from scorching heat to freezing sub-zero temperatures.

Thousands of individuals die during transportation.


Those that reach the slaughterhouse alive are grabbed and hung upside down, causing even more pain and distress. Their heads are dragged through an electrified “stunning tank,” which aims to immobilise them; however, many will attempt to dodge this, and so are not stunned.



Furthermore, studies have shown that whilst their bodies may be immobilised, they can still understand what is happening, and still feel pain. This isn’t a step designed to make their slaughter less painful—it’s designed to make it easier for workers to kill them. Following this, they have their throats slit.

Again, this isn’t always effective, and those that survive this step will be boiled alive in a tank of hot water used for feather removal.

And does anyone really believe that the animal has no sensations and has no idea what terrible things will soon happen to it?



The suffering of the geese begins at the latest before the church’s so-called “Martin’s Day” on November 11th, when they are declared “Martin’s geese” according to church tradition and their necks are therefore turned around.

Meat consumption, the priesthood and the church have been closely linked in our culture since their beginnings. But the leading politicians together with the church authorities are very bad role models on the days off in December.

So it was already in the newspaper “Die Welt” in 2010: Angela Merkel fries her Christmas goose herself (December 21, 2010). And the year before, the “Main Echo” wrote:
“At Christmas the Chancellor must have a goose, otherwise it is not a real Christmas, Merkel knows no pardon. The poultry is plucked and goes into the stove”.

It is not known that something has changed since then with the Chancellor.

The question is: Do the meat eaters really want to eat animals that were kept in this way? Do you really want to take part in this stupid, bloody and cruel animal tradition?

We cannot wish a good appetite and merry Christmas to eyeryone who  celebrates this festival with a corpse on his table.

We don’t feel like celebrating with them.

Our message is: let the geese live!

And let the other animals live, too, the ducks, the turkeys, the chickens, the calves, the lambs, the deer, the pigs and the many other animals, which, especially on the big church slaughter days, still raise up to hundreds of thousands, even millions most terrible way to lose their lives.



My best regards to all, Venus


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