Russian fur industry: producer of animal torture


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At the beginning of the Christmas shopping season PETA publishes for the first time a report about the Russian fur trade. The video material taken by PETA Asia’s eyewitnesses shows atrocities from five different farms.



These shocking images taken show a Russian fur farm where rabbits have their heads hacked off and chinchillas are electrocuted and have their necks snapped.The images come from PETA’s first expose of the fur trade in Russia and were reportedly taken across five farms in the country.

In the video, animals can be seen being kept in tiny cages when a worker takes a white rabbit and hits it on the head with a metal pipe.


A worker can then be seen slitting a white rabbit’s neck while it was reportedly still conscious.


A chinchilla electrocuted to death at a Russian fur farm


A rabbit is hung upside down before being decapitated at a Russian fur farm in images taken from PETA’s first exposure of the fur trade in the country


The clip then shows a chinchilla being electrocuted before its neck is snapped. Animals including foxes, minks and sables can be seen in tiny wire-mesh cages.


PETA report one chinchilla was seemingly blind but still forced to breed. The report adds that one worker at the farms said that animals are killed if they relieve themselves in the “wrong” area of the cage as “any animal must be clean, if you produce not clean skin, you’re losing a lot of price.”


A caged mink at a Russian fur farm. The shocking images were taken during a PETA sting into the Russian fur trade and shows chinchillas having their necks snapped


The investigation was carried out in October 2019 and a worker reportedly told the eyewitness that the farm they work on sells 30 percent of their product to Kopenhagen Fur.

Kopenhagen Fur is an auction house which sells animal skins to companies throughout the world.

PETA Senior Vice President of International Campaigns Jason Baker said: “Every compassionate shopper should keep firmly in mind that behind every fur coat, collar, or cuff is a filthy wire cage, a shrieking animal, and a blood-soaked slaughterhouse floor.

This holiday season, PETA is urging everyone to help give some peace to these tormented animals by going fur-free.”

The report states that the regulation of animal welfare in Russia is practically “non-existent” and added that the country does not have any laws to protect farmed animals.

PETA asked consumers, designers and retailers to join other fur-free designers and retailers such as Zara, H&M, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Versace, Gucci, and Michael Kors.


Mick Madsen, director of communications for Fur Europe, a company which represents the fur sector in Europe, said: “It is mistake to claim chinchillas and rabbits produced in Russia are sold at European auction houses, and it is mistake to believe PETA’s ideological campaigning provides a reliable image of animal welfare in fur farming.”

PETA alleged that another facility it investigated supplied furs to Saga Furs, a Finnish fur auction house that markets itself as a responsible and ethical source for fur, describing itself on its website as having “a reputation as the world pioneer in responsible fur breeding.”

A Saga Furs spokesperson told Newsweek: “Any allegations that Saga Furs is provided fur from farms in Russia which treat animals unethically is denied in full. Saga Furs takes the ethical treatment of animals very seriously and at all times requires farms used to comply with strict criteria and regulation.

We have received no evidence or substantiation to suggest that any farms providing fur to Saga Furs have been the subject of PETA’s alleged investigation.”



My comment: As soon as something becomes public, nobody wants to appear as  collaborator of the Russian fur industry.

And despite the demonstrable, documented torture in the Russian fur farms, the Finnish Saga Furs company wants to tell us that it takes animal ethics very seriously!!

But the animal Dachau of this world take only money and profit seriously, they know no ethics and no inhibitions in the torture of animals.

Perhaps the Russian fur Dachau are no better and no worse than any other fur Dachau  in the world.
But that’s not why we shouldn’t report it.

Fur farms are concentration camps and no longer have a right to exist, nowhere in the world.

My best regards to all, Venus


Denmark: Petition – Stop Breeding Pigs to Death.

Petition – Stop Breeding Pigs to Death

Petition link –

Target: Henrik Studsgaard, Secretary of Denmark’s Ministry of Environment and Food

Goal: Revise rapid replacement breeding methods that prematurely end pigs’ lives.

Half a million sows face slaughter annually in Denmark: an estimated half of the country’s total pig population. Of these slaughtered sows, only about 15 percent will be killed because of sickness. Instead, the majority of pigs are seemingly put down because they can no longer pump out enough young piglets to satisfy Denmark’s profit-rich, welfare-impoverished pork market.

This market fuels the agriculture-driven economy of Denmark, and it is heavily subsidized by the government. These heavy investments have led to sows birthing as many as 35 piglets per year. While these numbers soar past global averages, they often prove devastating to the sows’ health and well-being.

Denmark also leads the way in sow mortality rates. Over 10 percent of the animals essentially either drop dead in their pigsties or must be euthanized because they are too incapacitated to function. Even when they do survive this grueling existence, slaughter still awaits the poor sows after they have given birth to two or three litters… and apparently outlived their usefulness. Perhaps worst of all, Denmark’s supposedly ‘superior’ methods for pig production are being ramped up and exported to other countries.

Sign this petition to urge government officials to honor their oath in making animal welfare a central part of this unforgiving, often abusive process.


Dear Mr. Studsgaard,

“I am ready to welcome the aim of producing twice as many pigs in Denmark if we can handle both animal welfare and the environment.” The facts are clear: Denmark has not met the benchmark envisioned by your predecessor. Upwards of 500,000 sows lose their lives prematurely every year because of “fertility” or “mothering” issues. Thousands of others apparently drop dead from the wear and strain imposed on them. In regards to animal welfare, Denmark has not offered much in the way of “handling.”

The “rapid replacement” philosophy not only leaves hundreds of thousands of animals subject to unneeded slaughter, but it also undermines any claims of production efficiency. This country is summarily killing half its pig population every year. In many cases, you discard more than you produce. Humane breeding and production methods may hinder profits in the short-term, but long-term gains would make the commitment more than worthwhile.

Please end rapid replacement breeding and implement human standards for pigs, for the longevity of your agricultural sector and, more importantly, for the health and well-being of these living beings entrusted to your care.


{Your Name Here]

Spain: Hatchery dogs are constantly mistreated – Stop Their Same – Petition.

spanische flagge mit Stier


Prohibit the sale of pets in Spain

Hatchery dogs are constantly mistreated and live in the worst way, and also encourages the abandonment of animals.


Prohibit the sale of pets in Spain

Addressed to: Government of Spain

We arrive at that time of year when many people think of giving a dog to their children for Christmas, a dog that will surely be abandoned when the child gets bored. This happens every year, as in the holidays, so we have so many dogs abandoned in the streets. But that is not all abuse, since those puppies they sell come from hatcheries where their parents live constantly being mistreated.

Petition Link:

UK Elections 2019: Hopefully Good News for Animals.

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South Korea: Korean Dogs December Newsletter – News and Actions.



Stop Dog and Cat Consumption in South Korea.

Newsletter – December 13, 2019


For news and further actions please click on the following link:


Don’t buy an animal being, adopt one!


Christmas is coming and gifts are being exchanged during this time.
Some brainless come up with the idea of giving a living being as a Christmas present.



A few months later, most of the “gifts” either end up on the street or, at best, in an animal shelter. The fun is over.



The photos that follow are from a farm in Dobrcza, Poland, and 6 years old, and we hope that they no longer exist.
But that is still the cruel reality in many pet-farms today. In Germany too.

Sale of living beings at any price, for any animal torture, as special gifts for Christmas or as status symbols for brainless buyer.


Animal breeding is a cruel business, everywhere.




For everyone: Do not buy  animals from the Internet or magazines, or from the breeder “next door”.

In all shelters around the world, thousands of abandoned animals are waiting for a home, love and a life without loneliness.

Take your animal companions out of an animal shelter; they will be grateful and loyal to you for a lifetime, qualities that you can rarely find in your fellow human beings.



My best regards to all, Venus