“Personal choice” – the drug the carnivore



Just how “personal” is it, exactly, to slit the throat of a non-consenting party, dismember their corpse, and put them in a sandwich?

Last time we checked, PERSONAL choices and preferences end JUST THERE – at the body of the person making the choice.

Buying the products of animal oppression is not a “personal choice”- it’s a VIOLATION of someone else’s choice to not be enslaved and murdered!

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Best regards, Venus


Meat production-animals as a commodity


Disgusting images of industrial meat production show factory farming, animals as commodities, and hundreds of women and men doing the work to satisfy world consumer hunger for cheap meat and animal protein.



The video, apparently from China, shows the cruel reality behind meat production, its mechanization and the people involved in the process.
It makes us realize that things can not go on like this.

The filmmaker Ron Fricke is on a world tour and in his impressive video we can see in 6 minutes the madness of industrial meat, milk and egg production, slaughterhouses, supermarkets and fast food – “restaurants”, to the stomach of the consumers, wich in the end it will be removed by a plastic surgery!

The Meat Mafia works similarly all over the world, it is not only China the sinner of the meat industry.

The meat should be as cheap as possible, the profit big; To achieve these goals, every slaughterhouse in the world uses almost all means.

This system works with cheap workers who are under the pressure of a quick “completion” of the slaughter job and therefore treat animals like garbage.



In Germany, we have battle numbers of over 1,500 pigs per hour, in the run. The worker, who is supposed to prick a pig “pet-friendly”, usually has less than two seconds.

Anyone can imagine the likelihood of a mistake, which means torture and agonizing death for the animals for minutes.
As soon as these criminal conditions become known to the public, the corrupt politicians and authorities speak of an exception.

But the problem in factory farming is not the exceptions, it`s the legal framework.

Because even when criminal and illegal practices in slaughterhouses come to light, the judiciary is on the side of the perpetrators, and therefore the perpetrators are not persecuted, but those who expose these crimes.

Whether, how and when the current global animal holocaust comes to an end, is not yet foreseeable.



My best regards to all, Venus