USA: Man Who Stomped Girlfriend’s Cat to Death Sentenced to Prison.



Man Who Stomped Girlfriend’s Cat to Death Sentenced to Prison

On Tuesday, December 3, a Houston man convicted of stomping his ex-girlfriend’s cat to death was sentenced to six years in prison.

On January 25, Javontae Isaiah Thrasher, 22, and his girlfriend were in the midst of a breakup when she took her tabby cat in her arms and tried to flee. According to a witness, Thrasher hit the kitten out of her arms onto the ground, kicked the poor creature, and stomped on the little one six or seven times before the tiny animal went lifeless. Thrasher then disposed of the cat in a dumpster.

Thrasher was arrested and faced charges of cruelty to animals, a third-degree felony. He pleaded guilty in September.

This was not Thrasher’s first instance of cruelty. In 2016, he faced assault charges for attacking his great-grandmother. This former charge seemed to inform Judge Nikita V. Hamon’s sentence.

Assistant District Attorney and Animal Cruelty Section Chief of Harris County Jessica Milligan said, “This is a case that shows the direct link between animal abuse and violence toward other people.

“Someone who can hurt his own great-grandmother, then kill a cat in a domestic dispute is someone who is capable of violent behavior against people, including children, in the future. We take that seriously, and we are grateful the judge took this seriously as well.”

Too often animal abusers and killers walk free with no or minimal punishment.

We thank the judge for taking a strong stand against animal abuse and for sending the message through this sentence that violence against animals will not be tolerated.

France: Petition – SIGN: Stop Torturing Songbirds with Cruel Glue Traps.

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SIGN: Stop Torturing Songbirds with Cruel Glue Traps

SIGN: Stop Torturing Songbirds with Cruel Glue Traps

Posted by Katie Valentine | December 10, 2019

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PETITION TARGET: Ambassador of France to the U.S. Philippe Etienne

Every year, tens of thousands of birds are victimized in southeastern France by a cruel hunting method called glue-trapping, which involves attracting songbirds to branches covered in glue in order to cage the birds to sell as “pets.” As birds try desperately to free themselves, they become increasingly stuck, resulting in a painful, prolonged struggle that can lead to injury or even death.

After this initial stage of torture, hunters spray birds with toxic chemicals and separate them from the glue, often causing further injury and fatal consequences, including feather loss, which can render birds unable to fly. Birds who are deemed “undesirable” are carelessly tossed aside and left to suffer with any untreated injuries they may have. The rest are exploited for profit, sold into a lifetime of misery in captivity or used as bait in future glue-trapping hunts after spending unnatural periods of time — sometimes months — in pitch darkness. This causes them to sing frantically once they see daylight, unknowingly luring other birds toward the traps.

A warning from the EU, which banned glue-trapping decades ago, and numerous court cases calling on French officials to outlaw the practice, have fallen on deaf ears. In addition to the needless suffering glue-trapping causes to birds, the perpetuation of this government-sanctioned cruelty puts steeply-declining bird populations, including endangered species, further in jeopardy.

Speak out against these barbaric glue traps that torture and kill helpless birds. Sign this petition urging the French Ambassador to do everything in his power to push for a nationwide ban on this disturbing and outdated practice.

Crime in the name of religion


Only in approved slaughterhouses ritual slaughter is allowed without anesthetizing the animals. Since the consumption of blood in their religion is prohibited for Jews and Muslims, the animal must be slaughtered with manholes.



The animal can only bleed completely when the heart is beating. The cattle are led by the rabbi in the transfer apparatus, the head is attached to a slot cutter and with manual effort, the head is bent back.

The cattle become short of breath when the throat is overstretched and panicked. It resists, roars and groans.

The turner apparat turns the cattle upside down.



The rabbi cleanses and sharpens the sheath knife. Then he steps up to the cattle, wipes his neck with a rag, and says a prayer. “Bouruch atoh Adonai clohimu melech hoolem – Aesches Kidistonu bemi zivvonu al haschchithoh. ” he says.

Translated it means: “Blessed are you, Lord our God, you king of the world, who sanctified us with your commandments and ordered us to slaughter cattle. “

The rabbi takes the cattle ‘s neck skin with his left hand and cuts with his shaft- knife through the carotid radar, air and storage tube.


The cattle make terrible noises. It is choking, choking and vomiting in pain. The cattle suffer excruciating pain when cutting their throat.

Because the air storage tubes are not soft parts of the body but are cartilaginous, the manhole knife does not get through so quickly. The cattle are momentarily unconscious from pain and then quickly regain consciousness because the rabbi has to cut twice. Because the blood clotting closes the cut again, the cattle can not bleed otherwise.


The beef twitches at the cut and tries to fight back. The death struggle goes on for up to 10 minutes.

The slaughtered dead beef is Kosher for the Jews and Halal for the Muslims.

Written by
Martina Kummer

My comment: No god, whatever religion, can be so cruel as to demand that his creatures be “tormented in his honor” by this way!
This cannot be contained in any message from Him!

These are man-made ritual murders of the defenseless creature, which must be called erroneous actions, and can never be god-pleasing. In all religions protection and careful handling of the animals is required; and when I say religion I mean: religions and not religion interpretations at the service of fanaticism.

Kosher or Halal slaughtering is an archaic, horrible animal cruelty, that is out of the question.

But one more thing has to be said here: Orthodox Christians slaughter also “traditionally”, and in slaughterhouses in Christian countries up to 20% of the anesthetized animals wake up prematurely and experience their slaughter alive.

The only difference is that the animals are at least not consciously and not willfully (!) slowly massacred, as in the case of shafts.

It is finally time to recognize the Kosher and Halal slaughtering of animals as wrong, as well as undignified and shameful human misconduct, as happened with the religious law of stoning to death, the burning of witches, the inquisition and slavery.



I purposely chose not a Kosher video, but one from Germany, and even from a slaughterhouse claiming to be an organic one!!
This proves only one thing: in all slaughterhouses, murder is brutal and bloody, halal or not halal, everyone who eats meat is partly to blame for these murders.

My best regards to all, Venus


Mongolia: Donald Trump Jnr Killed Rare and Endangered Sheep After Help From Daddy.

Mongolia: Donald Trump Jnr Killed Rare and Endangered Sheep After Help From Daddy.

Read the full story with pictures at:

The Reality of the Camel Rides -Don’t Support Cruelty as a Tourist.

Mongolia: Donald Trump Jr killed rare endangered sheep in Mongolia with special permit.

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Donald Trump Jr killed rare endangered sheep in Mongolia with special permit

  • Permit issued after meeting with country’s president

  • Argali sheep considered national treasure in Mongolia

  • On a hunting trip to Mongolia earlier this summer the US president’s son Donald Trump Jr killed a rare species of endangered sheep. A permit for the killing was retroactively issued after Trump met with the country’s president, according to new reporting from ProPublica.

  • Trump was accompanied by security from both the US and Mongolia on the trip, the outlet reported. The argali sheep, with its large horns, is considered a national treasure there, and permission to kill one is “controlled by an opaque permitting system that experts say is mostly based on money, connections and politics”.

  • In between the killing and the issuing of the permit the month after he left the country, Trump is said to have met with the president, Khaltmaagiin Battulga, suggesting the possibility of special consideration being given to the son of the US president.

  • “Trump Jr shot his argali at night, using a rifle with a laser sight, the guides said,” according to ProPublica. “He stopped the local hunting guides from dismembering it at the kill site, instead instructing them to use an aluminum sheet to carry the carcass so as not to damage the fur and horns, said Khuandyg Akhbas, 50, one of the guides. He also killed a red deer, which similarly required a permit.

  • The legality of the importation of big game trophies into the United States has been, like many other issues in the Trump administration, confusing and ever-changing. The president himself has spoken out against the practice, calling such hunting practices a “horror show” despite his two sons being avid trophy hunters.

  • In order to import trophies of animals on the endangered species list, a US hunter must show that its killing would be beneficial overall to the species at large. In 2017, the Trump administration pushed back against such restrictions on trophy hunting from the Obama era before reinstating the ban. A court ruling found thereafter it was done improperly, allowing imports to continue.