USA: Vote Now for the Eco Rubber Dodo of 2019.

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Who is the USA Eco Villain of 2019 ? – Cast Your Vote here now before January 15th.

Below are some powerful images by environmental activist Robin Wood however, shows the effects of man’s effect on the natural world in a exceptionally powerful way.

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Who wins the Rubber Eco Dodo Award ? – Is It :

David Bernhardt: For suppressing data showing pesticides harm at least 1,400 protected species, Trump’s interior secretary was under inspector-general investigation just four days after he got the job. A longtime lobbyist for polluters, he’s worked for decades to weaken the Endangered Species Act. As our interior secretary, he’s the ultimate fox guarding the henhouse. Bernhardt has launched an all-out attack on protections for America’s wildlife.

Donald Trump, Jr.: Donald the Younger’s never met an endangered species he doesn’t love to cuddle — once it’s dead. A trophy hunter of African elephants, leopards and Cape buffalo, he likes to have his picture taken with their bodies (once, holding an elephant’s severed tail). Recently, in Mongolia, he killed a threatened argali sheep — a species whose population had dropped 50% between 1985 and 2009.

Andrew Wheeler: Former coal lobbyist, now-Environmental Protection Agency chief, Wheeler apparently likes clean air and water about as much as David Bernhardt likes wildlife. A seasoned Beltway insider, he’s rescinded Obama’s Clean Power Plan, brutally overruled scientists, and gutted auto fuel-efficiency standards. He’s also slashed Clean Water Act protections, freeing up industry to destroy wetlands and dump toxic waste into streams across the United States.

Stephen Miller: This far-right advisor to the president is like the long-lost brain Trump never had. Sadly, that brain is racist. Miller has guided American immigration policy into the realm of outright inhumanity. His whispers in Trump’s ear are likely behind a ban on immigrants from Muslim countries, a shameful practice of removing children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, and construction of a destructive border wall across precious wilderness.


Vote Now Before 15th January.


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