German Agriculture Ministry Contact Details. Please Write Re Intensive Pig Crate Systems.

Here is a link to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture:

At the top left you can read in either German or English – just select.;jsessionid=0EBA7248A085CC0E8DBB7490BAFEA764.2_cid288

On the site it tells us that:

Link –

Animal welfare is enshrined as a State goal in the German Basic Law and regulated in the Animal Welfare Act. Under the latter, animal keepers are obliged, in order to promote the welfare of their animals, to comply with the applicable regulations.

Animal welfare is an important issue for the BMEL. The ministry works on developing the existing regulations to support animal welfare. Other examples of ways in which the BMEL promotes animal welfare include sup-porting research projects, investments in livestock husbandry systems that conform to animal welfare principles, and the development of alternatives to animal testing. The ministry also supports and promotes better animal welfare standards – including for animal transportation – at EU and international level.


Why then we ask are they attempting to downgrade the methods for keeping intensive pigs ?

You can decide this.


If you wish to write to the Ministry about their pig keeping proposals, or anything else, then write directly to them at:

Regards WAV – 5/2/20.


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