Germany and EU: finally end the cage age!


Germany 2020



These recordings are no exception they come from a typical German pig breeding. The video was shot by the ARIWA organization.

Animals are treated like objects.

The pig mothers are always locked up.

In metal cages or in agonizing, barren concrete bays

They can never take care of their children

The newborn piglets are sorted into mutant mothers, mutilated and killed

In the animal industry, only the “product” counts, not the living, unique living being

Live vegan and campaign for an end to animal production.

Excerpts from this video are reported on February 3 in the television program SPIEGEL.TV , Germany,  which is actually a very popular program.


And I mean...In the middle of Europe, in a country where the Animal Welfare Act is enshrined in the Basic Law such crimes are still legal !! Legal!

And our humorous animal welfare law says: “Nobody should cause pain, suffering or damage to an animal without a reasonable reason.”

The meat and milk mafia have invented and even legalized their reasonable reasons for decades: because it’s so cheap, because the politicians are behind our backs, and because we can make good money from animal suffering.

And last but not least because the consumer wants it that way: Cheap.

The EU’s silence about “end the cage age” is gradually becoming very suspect.
What do we actually expect from the EU?
The EU is the biggest agricultural lobby, we know it.

The farmers in Germany protest against the anesthetic during piglet castration, the farmers are jointly responsible for groundwater contamination, for insect death and antibiotic resistance.

Farmers find it completely ok to put pigs in cages for 4 months, in which they cannot turn around, mothers take away their children, kill excess piglets and if they have exploited cows enough, they let them kill the last money close.

They keep thousands of animals in stalls, densely crowded, with no activity or daylight.

The animals stand on slatted floors in their own shit, which then accumulates as manure, and poisons the environment.

The Agriculture Minister of Germany thinks it is OK if all of this is extended for 17 years.
And the EU also thinks it’s OK.
Only 1.5 EU citizens do not find it ok.

But luckily we live in a “democracy” where animals are tortured because an oligarchy defines the “reasonable” reasons for it.



My best regards to all, Venus


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