Spain: animal transporter tips over



The truck loaded with 170 pigs was headed to a slaughterhouse in Cuenca when it has overturned at 9:05 am at km 23 of the A6 towards Madrid. Two of the animals have escaped from the vehicle while the rest, 168, have remained locked inside the dump truck for about 5 hours.

Time that animals have spent agonizing and crushing each other with their own weight.



The shrieks, deafening during the first two hours, have gone out as time went by. The transport company staff has not opened the truck until approximately 2:00 p.m.

Live animals, about a dozen, have been loaded into a new truck and taken to the slaughterhouse.

On the other hand, the injured have been sacrificed inside the truck itself.

Animal Equality will ask the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to make public the way in which the slaughter of these animals has been carried out, what standards and protocols have been followed.

In addition, the animal organization will demand the development of action protocols for accidents of this type that guarantee adequate and humane treatment.

The two pigs that have been released have been tied with ropes to the median by firefighters and subsequently dragged to the new truck to be and taken to the slaughterhouse.

The members of Animal Equality who have been present during the event have documented how the operators dealt with blows and kicks to the surviving pigs to get them into the new truck.

Igualdad Animal


And I mean…Animals are considered things.

Animals are systematically ignored politically, as if they didn’t exist.

There are no animal rights anywhere in the world. Not a single animal has a single right.

Only humans have rights, all other animal species have no rights.
We humans don’t know what it feels like to be without rights.

Transported in trucks for days as if the load were not living beings but sacks of potatoes.
And be picked up with cranes as if the living beings were fallen trees.

That is what I undestand under fascism.

With the right of the superior race to deny the right to life, freedom, integrity, protection to all other animal species.


My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. I absolutely agree with Venus. My Conclusion is: homo sapiens sapiens is the only evil on this planet, there is no viable way for the survival of this devastating, aggressive, destructive species that, in addition with its low IQ and low EQ, has no potential for improvement.In the 21st century, slavery and fascism still cannot be eliminated.This indicates the profound immorality of our entire species.Homo sapiens sapiens is a dangerous waste on planet Earth. It has no other meaning here.

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