Berlin: protection of poultry industry by mass murder

Berlin: A case of avian influenza has now been detected in the Prignitz district, Berlin.

As the Potsdam Ministry of Health announced on Sunday evening, 16,000 turkeys had to be emergency slaughtered and “disposed of” (!!!) – as it is called in technical terms.

This means that the carcasses of the killed animals are disposed of, mostly incinerated, so that no other animals or people can become infected with the disease.

The disease, which is deadly for animals, is also known as bird flu and made headlines around the world a few years ago.
The epidemic is being dealt with in a more relaxed manner.
In this case, it is the avian influenza pathogen with the code H5N8.

It is already the second case of this disease that has been detected in the state of Brandenburg since autumn.
The first case was confirmed at the end of December 2020 in Lausitz on a small farm in the Spree-Neisse district (Germany).
Now a larger fattening farm is affected.

In addition, the virus has so far been detected in six wild birds in Brandenburg.

The virus is said to have spread wild birds, according to the Friedrich Loeffler Institute.

Transferable to humans

According to the Robert Koch Institute, animal disease can also be transmitted to humans.
“Influenza A viruses that occur in birds can also cause illness in humans and are then also referred to as bird flu,” it says.
“The transmission of avian influenza viruses from animals to humans is not very effective, which means that they are not very infectious for humans. However, if such an infection occurs, it can also lead to serious illnesses.”

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And I mean…The “bird flu”, in its dangerous variant known as “avian influenza”, causes hysterical outbreaks in politics and their lobbyist environment in regular waves.

Then, contrary to any reason, ethics, and against specialist knowledge, thousands of “useful” birds are tortured and destroyed (culled) just because a harmless (“low pathogen”) bird flu virus of subtype H5 or H7 was detected in the population.

The avian influenza viruses belong to these two subtypes alone.

In the avian influenza epidemic from November 2016 to spring 2017, more than 900,000 animals were killed in this way nationwide, 65,000 of them in Schleswig-Holstein.

We are talking about mass murder.

The mutation of a harmless avian flu virus into a dangerous avian influenza virus is an extremely rare occurrence.

The more often the virus can successfully go through its development cycle, the more likely it is to occur.

In a free animal population, a flu wave dies quickly because the viruses fall victim to the immune system and cannot mutate into dangerous pathogens.

Often the disease is not even recognized and can then only be detected by antibody tests in the laboratory.

All of this is well-known and the Robert Koch Institute knows it too.

So why is the poultry industry killing poultry en masse?

There is only one reason for this: the protection of factory farming!

The poultry strongholds are to be protected from losses, and for this, the Robert Koch Institute needs the wild bird hypothesis of the spread of bird flu viruses.

It is apparently intended to divert attention from the virus problems that the cruel poultry industry itself creates.

As always, the losers in this story include the animals as victims.

The winners include the globally active poultry companies that are interested in the mass production of poultry products.

Even if 30 percent of the turkeys in the barn die of their ailments on a large farm, profit is made.

And that’s what the meat industry is all about: profit at all costs and every life

My best regards to all, Venus

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