Australia: 31/12/16 – First Time Ever ! – Sheep Shearer Pleads Guilty To Causing Cruelty To Animals. Lots More Prosecutions Pending. Video – The Real Side Of The Wool Industry.



 Dear Mark,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. Thanks to the generosity of caring PETA supporters, 2016 was a year full of tremendous progress for animals.

Earlier this month, we learned of an important victory made possible by kind people like you. The wool industry tries hard to make people believe that producing wool is harmless to animals, but as PETA exposés have shown time and again, it’s anything but humane. PETA U.S. investigations of the Australian and American wool industries revealed that shearers kicked and stomped on sheep, punched them in the face, and jabbed them in the head and eyes. Shearers stood and kneeled on animals’ heads, necks, chests, and legs and crudely stitched up the bloody, gaping wounds that they’d caused with their clippers.

The world’s largest exporter of wool is Australia—and for the first time ever, anywhere, a shearer there pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals.

Five others will appear in court for similar offenses in the new year.

These charges are a direct result of an incriminating PETA U.S. investigation that produced video evidence of 235 separate incidents—in a single Australian state—of suspected cruelty in shearing sheds, generating more than 40 pages of formal legal complaints.

From the first-ever criminal conviction of an animal experimenter for cruelty to animals and the first-ever police raid on a factory farm to these groundbreaking charges in Australia, many of the most significant milestones in the animal rights movement are being driven by the support of compassionate people like you around the world.

Thank you for strengthening our work and for making tremendous progress for animals possible.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk



Watch: Joaquin Phoenix Reacts to PETA’s Wool Exposé  


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