England: Hogwood – A Horror Story – Official Film Release In Parliament (London) 26/3/20. Watch the Trailer Here.





Hi Mark

Back in September, you helped us reach our crowdfund target for the production of our vital documentary which follows the story of Hogwood Farm and exposes the concerted efforts to silence us.

The Launch


The launch will be attended by politicians, journalists and supporters — as well as Jerome Flynn and the producers of the documentary, who will be taking part in a Q&A following the screening.

Narrated by Game of Thrones star, Jerome Flynn, the documentary takes you beyond the factory farm walls and sheds new light on the truth behind the labels.

Here’s a sneak peek of the official trailer:





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  1. We all know for a long time what is happening on factory farms and abattoirs, we all know the suffering that ends with the killings, but that does not stop the criminals within our species from continuing to call all this crime : ” industry ”. Wrong name created by a criminals.They are not concerned about the mortality rates of animals, nor of humans, just care about profit. They, profiters, kill animals with a knife, and they kill people with cancer, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes -it is important to them that their earnings come.I believe that they will stop slaughtering animals when every other human has a carcinoma and the rest will then have heart, brain, diabetes, etc. There will be no one human healthy( except vegans ). That would be 2050.

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