We won! Who is “we”?




WE WON!!  (???) Thanks to over 80,000 of you Care2 activists signing the petition!



After finding that the deadly coronavirus most likely made the leap from animal to human in the illegal wildlife market of Wuhan, China, the country has declared a total ban on the trafficking and consumption of wild animals, effective immediately!

But the terrifying virus has not stayed within China’s borders, and neither should this important ban.

Tell Asia’s governments to follow China’s example in the fight against Coronavirus and BAN all wildlife markets!




And I mean…It would be ridiculous if it wasn’t that life-threatening, the Oscar-nominated corona virus.

It is the topic of the day.
We have currently put aside our old enemies Iran, Turkey, Syria, Refugees… and are intensively dealing with a lousy virus called “SARS-CoV-2” – which is classified as the top terrorist for human health.

The war against China has been planned for a long time: China is developing into a world power, so that didn’t like Trump ( and many others )  and came up with another kind of “punishment” for the cheeky Chinese.

Corona Virus came to his aid, or was perhaps even generated.

So … war started against China from all media, petitions, horror videos, press reports, animal rights activists, pet owners … … all participated and the virus caused enormous economic losses for China. The pharmaceutical industry is also involved in the success with several billion profits, after all, some animals are already being massacred in laboratories to “save” humanity from a corona epidemic, wich is not one at all!

The animal rights activists are currently declining the dog and cat consumption protests against China, and they are concerned with the consumption of wild animals, because the media have said that this is the cause of the development of the corona.

Who wants to research here and search for the truth… we rely on the media, is more convenient and easier.

In two or three months the vaccine will be on the market, the virus will be defeated and the files will be closed.

Europe will continue to export around 1.2 million tonnes of fresh / frozen pork (as in 2018) to China, and the animal transports to third countries will also return to normal.

Perhaps we should instruct China to talk to the EU Commission about the petition end the cage age.

China is obviously quicker to respond to petitions than our unsuitable commission.

My best regards to all, Venus



2 Responses

  1. and cats and dogs?

  2. Thank you for the news! Humans are unaware of how much they harm our planet and innocent animals.
    “According to an analysis by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the decision does not ban trade for fur, medicine or research.”

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