Coronavirus and the Middle Ages in Politics


You get up early in the morning and the first thought is whether corona symptoms have appeared overnight.

If you do not have it yet, you can count yourself lucky because the health system and governments, apart from causing panic, are unable to do anything else.

That said, regardless of whether you have it or not, you are medically on the ass actually.

The virus was officially reported to the WHO by China on December 31, 2019. Every country in the world has this duty when an epidemic breaks out.
Today China and South Korea have the virus under control so well that we will soon get protective masks from China. There haven’t been any in Germany for three months and if we get them now it’s too late.

The same applies to the test liquid of the corona virus, which is also produced in China, and cannot be delivered at the moment because all countries need it.

You get the feeling that you are at the mercy, except to lock us in, institutes, governments and laboratories are not even able to tell how it will go on. In the Middle Ages the church took over the role of science, today the economy does it.

There was something else, oh yes it was the Robert Koch Institute that told us that the 2017/2018 flu wave was the deadliest in 30 years.

Yes indeed! The season has been the deadliest in the past 30 years. According to this, an estimated 25,100 people died from influenza in the reporting period (only in Germany) Why didn’t we actually cause panic at the time? We reacted as if this death rate was the most normal in the world.

For 41 years, no thought has been given to any pandemic. Maybe just because it wasn’t a real deal, or because it was about African countries.

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus, the message has been booming in the animal rights scene: “Stop eating meat, stop preserving wildlife markets in China”.
China is again the main culprit for the pandemic.

Of course, China and the Far East in general is responsible for the worst, most hideous forms of cruelty to animals this planet has ever seen, and on a large scale.

Most people, however, have not understood that China, as the main culprit for the development of the Corona Virus (even if it is true) is one thing. The other side is the inability of most governments to take corrective action against the virus.

It is a welcome excuse if the Chinese are blamed for Corona but no one blames EU that does not send help to Italia.
The German government is rubbing its hands that only the Chinese are found guilty, but not Merkel for doing nothing, for panic and acting too late.

There is a nice Chinese saying: “first solve the problem and then the question of guilt”.

As long as we only deal with the question of guilt, we run the risk of a ridiculous corona mass death due to a totally corrupt world elite that sucks humanity to the bone.

Officially, the panic and the whole breakdown is justified by the fact that humans do not yet have antibodies against this corona virus.

Well, if it is actually so unnaturally new, we should perhaps ask again in the bioweapons laboratories where this pathogen in particular is currently available.

My best  regards to all, Venus


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