Germany: the new surveillance system


Police collect coronavirus lists in several federal states.


“The police in several federal states have obtained data from people who have been infected with the novel corona virus. At least some of the lists also contain contact persons for those affected.”

“The distinction between those infected with the coronavirus and those not infected will shape society in the coming months”

“Last week, three local health departments were identified who had shared lists.

They therefore referred to the Public Health Service Act.
“As is now clear, a lot more data has flowed”!

“Data from Infected”

In Baden-Württemberg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the police received lists of people who had Covid-19. According to research by, sensitive health data was also transmitted in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

Privacy advocates think this is  illegal”.

And I mean…The total surveillance state has long been there. It was introduced on the day Merkel came to power. And as a spying specialist, she took it slow so that the stupid sleep-German citizen doesn’t notice it so quickly.

Even today many sleep – Germans would deny that we have long been living in a Merkel surveillance state.

What is still missing are empowerment laws that can elegantly remove unwanted opponents of the “United States of Europe” under the central rule of the US bankers.

Corona makes it possible …


My best regards to all, Venus

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