Frog trade: Torture animals and exploit third world



The level to which humans feel they can exploit, commodify, abuse and subjugate other animals holds no bounds.

Frog farming, like all other types of animal farming, occurs in nothing more than the name of tradition and taste.

Farmed frogs are shipped alive to restaurant kitchens, where they will be murdered by the chef before each meal.


The standard restaurant method of killing frogs is via the victim being held down, and then the point of a knife being stabbed through the top of the frog’s head, followed by a slice down through the face until the victim’s head is split in half.

Other methods include bludgeoning the frog by slamming them and then decapitating them with a cleaver. At street food stalls, frogs are sometimes skinned alive, chopped into pieces, and thrown while still wriggling into hot soup as a “delicacy”.


This psychotic behaviour from humans is UNJUSTIFIABLE.



My comment: In the area of animal protection / species protection there are topics that only trigger a weary yawn in public.
“What? Eat frog thighs? That was once an issue in the 1970s”, many think, and this opinion is quite wrong.

It is frightening how many places in Germany meanwhile frog legs are sold and prepared and eaten in bars.

While we are organizing campaigns in spring to save frogs and toads during the annual amphibian migrations, these are consumed in the restaurant next door!


In 2015, the European Union imported 4,234 tons of frog legs – which corresponds to the limbs of between 84 and 200 million frogs writes Deutsche Welle and reports:


“After India and Bangladesh banned the export of frogs in 1987 and 1989, Indonesia became the main exporter. Today, more than two-thirds of all frog legs in supermarkets worldwide come from there. For many years, conservationists have been warning that trade cannot be sustainable. And it goes even further: According to a new study, many frog legs are wrongly identified”

With the “frog leg harvest” the extremities from the frogs are usually separated from the body while the body is alive.
Many of the imported frog legs still come from wild catches.

This reduces the endangered animal species and increases the risk of malaria at the same time.

Frogs in particular help prevent the spread of this infectious disease.

Eating frog legs is not just cruelty to animals, it also endangers human life.

More than 700 amphibian species are affected by an aggressive fungal infection worldwide, many of which have already died out.

This is to blame for a deadly mushroom epidemic called chytrid, one of the most important causes of global amphibian death.

Since the 1980s at the latest, this pathogen has carried tons of frogs, toads and newts – initially only in Latin America and Australia, but now all over the world.

One of the central causes for the spread of the chytrid mushroom is the worldwide trade in frogs …

The import of frog legs to Germany and Europe is a legalized form of animal cruelty and an exploitation of poor countries like Indonesia.

A particular scandal is the uncontrolled import of wild catch, which endangers not only endangered species, but also the rural population if the lack of frogs increases the risk of malaria.

And with it the risk of the next pandemic ..

My best regards to all, Venus


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