Shenzhen / China: pet and wild animal consumption prohibited


Finally good news in the Corona crisis! Thethe city metropolis of Shenzhen will ban the trade and consumption of wild animals and pets. Dogs, cats, snakes, etc. can then no longer be sold, slaughtered and bred for consumption.



The Chinese city of Shenzhen has passed a law that prohibits the production and consumption of cat and dog meat. This makes Shenzhen the first city in mainland China to prohibit eating pets.

The law is due to enter into force on May 1, 2020.

And: It also applies to the trade and consumption of wild animals such as snakes and lizards. Anyone who violates this can expect fines of up to EUR 19,600.

Trade in wild animals is currently banned throughout China – but only temporarily. The law in Shenzhen should now apply without time restrictions.


The government is thereby reacting to the coronavirus outbreak, which according to current estimates is said to have passed from animals to humans in a wild animal market in Wuhan, China.

Nevertheless, the law in Shenzhen includes not only wild animals, but also pets.

In an announcement, a city spokesman said: “Dogs and cats have a much closer bond to humans as pets than other animals. In developed countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan, it is normal to ban dogs, cats and other pets. This prohibition also corresponds to the demands and spirit of human civilization. “

Of course pork, beef, sheep, rabbits, poultry and other animals that are specially bred for consumption may continue to be eaten (!!)

Animal welfare organizations such as the Humane Society International or the Animal Hope & Wellness eV association welcome the decision. They hope that the fifth largest city in China will have a domino effect and other regions will follow suit.

In China, it is estimated that around ten million dogs and four million cats are killed each year for meat trading and consumption.

Contrary to Western prejudice, eating dogs and cats in China is anything but normal. In Beijing, for example, there is hardly a restaurant that offers such meat.

According to surveys, only a minority of Chinese have eaten dog meat at all.

And I mean…It is a very welcome decision by the Chinese to stop killing dogs and cats for consumption.
Every step that leads to the abolition of cruelty to animals is a step towards more justice, everywhere!

Abolishing wildlife trade and consumption has always been our vision. China confirms our long struggle in this direction today.

However, animal rights are not restricted goods.
If we want fair conditions in animal life, the abolition of meat consumption should not preserve privileged and unprivileged animals, but should aim at ALL animal species.

Otherwise, the animal rights movement runs the risk of being satisfied with a result that frees some from suffering and legalizes the suffering of others.

If we want to do our job properly and well, we must continue the struggle for the liberation of ALL animals from the slavery, which has been legalized and established by a fascist regime, the regime of the human species.

My best regards to all, Venus


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