Luxembourg: we say “thank you”!


Success story: Fox hunting ban Luxembourg in the sixth year!!


With the enactment of the Hunting Season Ordinance of March 15, 2019, the Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment has extended the ban on fox hunting since 2015 not only for the 2019/20 hunting year, which will soon end.

For the coming hunting year 2020/21, foxes in Luxembourg were also protected: They are not listed as a huntable species in the current hunting regulations and therefore no hunting seasons have been set for them.



No fox hunt? No problem!

The horror scenarios of sprawling fox populations or the spread of wild diseases, which the hunting association FSHCL had predicted, have of course not occurred.

Since the introduction of the fox hunt ban, the supporters of hunting have spoken out against the protection of the useful predators with flimsy arguments and massive lobbying and press work – fortunately without success, because the fox hunt ban is a true success story: nature and forest management have found no problems due to the fox hunt ban; there is no evidence of an increase in the fox population and the fox tapeworm infestation rate has decreased rather than increased since the ban on hunting.

While it only rose to 39.7% in 2014 with continued hunting, in 2017 it was only 24.6%.

Even before the administrative court, the Luxembourg hunting federation FSHCL failed miserably with its request to legally overturn the hunting ban.

Obviously there are no valid arguments in favor of the fox hunt and therefore there is no end in sight for the fox hunt ban.

The fox hunting ban in Luxembourg is in its sixth year!


The hunt for foxes has been banned in Luxembourg since 2015.

Since then, the small country has stood as unmistakable, practical evidence of how unnecessary the massive and cruel killing of these prey, which is as useful as it is beautiful, is actually – even in the modern cultural landscape.

The Luxembourg government has kept its promise to consistently continue the success story of the fox hunting ban, because: The available scientific knowledge as well as previous experiences in Luxembourg speak clearly for the preservation of the fox hunting ban.

This fact was clearly confirmed by the 2019 decree, which granted foxes protection for two years in advance.


Luxembourg remains firmly on its trend-setting course, which Germany and other countries should finally join!

And I mean…Luxembourg has shown the peaceful, zivilized way of dealing with foxes, none of what the local hunting association FSHCL predicted has occurred.

The cantons of Geneva and Thurgau in Switzerland have shown the way and abolished fox hunting and construction hunting – because they are unnecessary and sadistic cruelty to animals.

§22 paragraph 4 of the German hunting law prohibits killing parents as long as they are necessary for the rearing of the offspring. This is to prevent young animals, which would not be able to survive on their own, to die from hypothermia, starvation or thirst.

And yet in Germany the closed season for foxes has been abolished.
Animals can be shot or trapped all year round.

The first fox pups are born from mid-January, so that during the “fox weeks” (which take place in February) there is already a risk of actually killing parent animals and condemning their pups to a terrible starvation or frostbite. Fox weeks are legal!

As a leisure activity, psychopaths kill up to half a million foxes in Germany in the most cruel way every year.

Hunting is hypocritically described in the relevant circles as “fine regulation”, “two-stage system”, “dynamic management”, “development aid”, “population control” or such inhuman propaganda.

Brainwashing as we know it from National Socialism.

Hobby hunting is a huge cancer that has spread over Germany.


My best regards to all, Venus


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