No one needs eggs, not even at Easter!


Photo: “Easter campaign with dead day-old chicks” by ARIWA Germany, April 2019


Around 50 million male chicks are gassed alive in Germany shortly after hatching each year.

The reason: they are uneconomical because they cannot lay eggs and do not eat nearly as much meat as their specially bred counterparts.
Millions of other chicks that do not hatch in the automated hatchery in time for the “deadline” share this fate, regardless of gender.


 (The undercover video is from 2018 and was made by SOKO undercover in a hatchery for organic farming in Munich. It is in German, but you can even look at it without text, you understand everything that you should understand.).


Alternatives such as gender recognition in the egg, switching to “dual-use chickens” or “brother rooster” rearing only aim to consolidate the existing system of animal use – and not, for example, to fundamentally change anything.



In any case, the suffering of the laying hens would remain the same and all male animals would continue to be killed.

The desire for animal products free of animal suffering as “basic foodstuffs” is and remains an illusion.

We therefore call for the abolition of all animal husbandry!


And I mean…We are also calling for the abolition of factory farming.
We have been calling for the abolition of animal cages for a year.
We haven’t heard anything since.
The EU and European governments are happy that we are currently dealing with the corona pandemic and have put the “end the cage age” campaign on hold.

But WE have not forgotten it.

The cages must be abolished, we are 1.2 million people who demand it.
And according to the latest pandemic knowledge, we know that factory farming is the number 1 factor in the production of pandemics.

We remain combative and measure equal importance to the abolition of animal factories that work in front of our own door and cause terrible suffering to millions of animals, but also fatal diseases for people.

My best regards to all, Venus


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