Corona: a supporter of animal rights


At the Urubo Golf Country Club in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, world’s friendliest rodents capybaras have been spotted more frequently in recent days as the club has not been frequented often due to the coronavirus outbreak, as footage filmed on Saturday shows.

Dozens of rodents could be seen moving in herds and swimming in the lagoon of the exclusive resort now deserted.

As a local worker explained, up to 40 capybaras took over the grounds of the golf club since the quarantine started. The mammals, which are usually seen in smaller numbers in the area, are known as the largest rodent in the world and are a native species of Bolivia.

The country, whose government declared a quarantine on March 21, recorded 139 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 10 deaths as of Saturday.





And I mean..There is no hope that the real epidemic of the planet, the human species, will understand after coronexit, what it means to live without freedom in all your life.
To have no rights because the ruling race determined it so.

There is no hope that this breed will finally limit its privileges – the so-called human rights – and live peacefully with the “other” animal species, without exploitation, slavery, violence.

Therefore we wish our animal-friendly visitor a longer stay among us.

It is a unique opportunity for our fellow creatures to finally get their rights.

Regards and a good night from Venus


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