the free choice



Their mothers do not give milk voluntarily, they do not become pregnant voluntarily.
They do not separate from their children voluntarily .

The milk mafia determines this painful process; wich forcibly removes the male children and the female childrenwill soon experience the same fate of the mother.

The male children cry out for the mother, the mother cannot do anything.
The milk that was for their child is given to human animals that do not need it and are also harmful to them.

Until next year.

Then a new child comes involuntarily, which the mother cannot breastfeed, lick and cannot accompany in her new life.

And then the meat eaters talk about free choice in their food.

Many who read the news about children’s suffering in the meat and dairy industries are outraged and even sad, asking why the animal rights organizations can do nothing about it, why the undercover videos, why the animal rights activists allow such crimes happen to animals every day.

And many of them have their fridge full of meat, chicken breast and legs of lamb.
Many eat “a little” meat, buy eggs from the “farmer next door” and their beef is “organic”.


THESE are the producers of crimes in the meat industry.

THESE help the fascist system of exploitation, slavery of millions of animal children.

THESE are the second-hand killers of male animals and their mothers, who are brutally slaughtered when they no longer produce milk for the perpetrators.

This system is maintained by a PERPETRATOR society.

And as long as that is the case, as long as no one changes their habits, this system will stay alive, and will continue to manipulate billions of useful idiots for its own profit, with the illusion of free choice!


My best regards to all, Venus


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