Learned nothing despite Corona


No! We still haven’t understood anything!

Because we are much more stupid than we can imagine.
And because we see Corona as a temporary, random thing that only happens from time to time …

Our greed and stubbornness to keep all old habits blinded us.
After Corona, will continue slavery, exploitation, torture and murders in animal barracks, where it all started.
Meat eaters can hardly wait for the extermination machine to start again.

No! we haven’t learned anything!

The propaganda of the meat industry is very strong, which is why stupid and obedient meat eaters are its optimal victims and therefore the those of every virus.

Brain death in human heads is worse than the number of corona deaths.

My best regards to all, Venus


One Response

  1. We think the same, Venus. In spite of lock down in Serbia, homeless dogs and cats are tortured, poisoned, dog catchers are excluded from lock down and they continue their cruel, dirty job, uncontrolled. The litters of newly born puppies are found in containers. Ugly show of inhumanity even corona did not stop.

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