Britches and their rescue

Animal Liberation Worldwide


Born at the University of California, Riverside in March 1985. He was removed from his mother at birth and had his eyelids sewn shut as part of a three-year maternal and sensory-deprivation study involving 24 infant monkeys.

Britches was removed from the laboratory when he was five weeks old during a raid on April 20, 1985 by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).


The ALF made a videotape of their raid and of Britches’ condition when they found him.



The Consequences of Britches Animal Liberation

When PETA released the photos, videos and documents provided by the animal liberationists, there was an enormous public outcry.

Eight out of a further 17 planned animal studies were discontinued; the facility also prohibited the practice of sewing monkey babies’ eyes shut. An instructor quit his job and has not mistreated animals since then.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) conducted an eight-month study of the animal care program in the university’s laboratories and concluded that it was “appropriate” animal care and that no corrective action was required.

There were no consequences for the responsibles.

But this action led others to follow suit: In 1985, A.L.F activists broke into a laboratory at the University of California in Riversde and freed 260 laboratory animals.
Britches became the symbol of this campaign.

Last but not least, there are open animal liberation grades, such as the liberation of beagle dogs from the breeding facility in Green Hill in Italy in 2012 and the liberation of over 300 animals from the Instituto Royal in Brazil in October 2013, which led to the shooting of the labo a month later.

It is very difficult to break through the fronts of the laboratory mafia.
Some activists made it, ALF made history and we are grateful to them for all the animals they liberated.

My best regards to all, Venus


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