meat is murder


those who consume animal products do not only have the blood of the animals on their hands ….


Hunger kills around 24,000 people worldwide every day, three quarters of whom are children under the age of 5.
That is about 8,200 children under the age of five who die of hunger every day.
A child dies of hunger every ten seconds.

Hardly anyone talks about this genocide, let alone remedial measures.

For the powerful, it’s a business anyway.

But there are also others who speak of Christian values ​​and solidarity and justice, all of these billion hypocrites with their meat consumption, who are involved and complicit in this crime against humanity.

Ten global corporations control 85 percent of the staple foods traded worldwide.
These companies decide who eats and lives or who starves and dies.
The question of life and death is that of access to food, not the production of food.

The United Nations World Food Report says that world agriculture today could easily feed almost 12 billion people, more than double the world’s population.

The world grain harvest is great; worldwide it is about two billion tons a year, but about 800 million tons of it is used every year for the intensive feeding of slaughter cattle.

The rich world feeds its “useful” animals while in the Third World a child dies of hunger every ten seconds.

Those who do not eat meat release food for humans.

If we consumers stop the murderous mechanisms responsible for mass destruction in the Third World, this world dictatorship can stop, the planet and wildlife will recover, and many of the diseases that can plague millions of people worldwide will be prevented.

My best regards to all, Venus


2 Responses

  1. People who consume meat, milk, eggs, despite the now-known fact that we are genetically frugivorous, torture and kill a huge number of animals and humans every day, and ultimately kill ourselves too.To torture and kill yourself is your personal choice, but to torture and kill others you have no right.

  2. Your best work yet! Stay strong. Love, hugs, licks, sniffs, thank’n Ya!!!

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