profession: butcher

This video comes from a pig farm in the USA and was shot by the organization Toronto Pig save.



The pictures could come from anywhere, the violence and sadism of workers in animal farms and slaughterhouses is (almost) the same everywhere.

The question arises, how is it possible that a normal person becomes a cold sadist and torturer?

The subject of “psychology of the perpetrators of violence” had been occupying psychologists in the previous century, but the – often senseless – violence of the slaughtered workers deserves a special look.

First of all, it has to be said that many workers in the meat factories in the USA are illegal immigrants from Latin America and Asia who receive little or no training.

In Germany, slaughterhouse workers mostly come from Eastern Europe and are not employed on a regular basis.
The percentage of the core workforce in German slaughterhouses is only 10%, which is why Belgium submitted an official complaint about social dumping to the EU Commission in April 2013.

Certainly some slaughterhouse workers are already -by entering the industry-, people who are socio-sociopaths, that is: people who are antisocial and “conscience-free” in the clinical sense, and who often enjoy making others suffer.

In any case, this activity is mostly practiced through “learning by doing”, which means that one looks how the others do it and also does it that way.

Given the brutality of the slaughter process and (as can be seen in the video) the brutal handling of defenseless animals, it is easy to think that people whose work is killing animals are sadists or mentally disturbed.

There are many explanations as to why someone chooses this job.

The socio-political one who says that they are normal people, but have no professional training and do this to feed their family and themselves. Marxist ideology even classified them as victims of the system.

The other explanation is that they are predisposed  people, who are prone to violence and abuse of others – people or animals.

And there is also a third explanation that sees slaughterers and farm workers as the product of “group dynamics”.

It says that the extremely irrational and violent behavior arises as an obligation to adapt and to obey in a violent environment, that of other colleagues. Anyone who rejects violence against animals as immoral and inhumane practice is ridiculed by the group as a weakling, and excluded from the group’s collective gatherings in the beer garden.

According to the third aspect, a slaughterer’s room for maneuver is limited to a predetermined aggressiveness, relentlessness, which the group shows and demands.

And so at some point, the same people who originally rejected violence and felt uncomfortable, get used to participating in this violence themselves.

And the more they become desensitized, the more psychological stress increases because most people endure violence to a certain point.

The contact and use of violence has profound effects on the psyche, as has been found in war veterans.
You become increasingly violent, both towards animals and humans, and often develop addictive behavior.

A slaughterhouse worker said: I often had the idea of ​​hanging the foreman upside down on the belt and stabbing him.
Because I wasn’t allowed to do that, I left out the pressure and frustration of working at the animals …
Most of the stabbers have been arrested for assault. Many have alcohol problems, they have to drink, otherwise they cannot cope with killing live, wriggling animals all day.
Some will abuse their women at some point because they “cannot get rid of these feelings”.

(Quotes from the book by Melany Joy: “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows”).

Finally, one wonders, what kind of a criminal industry is it that tolerates an extremely violent, aggressive and anti-social human potential and generates it in the real sense.

My best regards to all, Venus


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