Lots of issues but little time. Check them all out here.


Lots of issues but little time.

So here are links to several WAV posts done recently on a whole series of issues.

Check each of them out as there is a lot of interesting information.

Regards WAV.

Or come over to the site at  https://worldanimalsvoice.com/ and read them there – as some will have pictures or photos.

Here are the links:

EU calf transport – EU confirms NO derogation to rules for animals transported on Ro-Ro ships.  Great News for us.




USA Project Coyote – Residents Urged to oppose killing of wildlife in Mendocino county; includes petition.




Australia:  Koalas face extinction in NSW by 2050; new report finds.




France:  Poem from an activist – I could never forget you.




Very Worrying !


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