Malta and its terrorists bird catchers

From the Facebook page of  “Committee against Bird Murder e.V.

Back to the Stone Age – bird catchers threaten hikers: In Malta, catching birds was allowed again – yesterday’s animal tormented became “scientists” overnight.


They are supposed to “only” catch the birds that they have otherwise locked in small cages and sold on the black market for a lot of money, check for any known bird rings and immediately release them again.

Effective control is not provided and with thousands of approved fishing facilities not even possible.

The video of a team from the “Committee Against Bird Murder”, recorded on Malta’s neighboring island of Gozo, shows how the new “scientists” behave in the field.

The bird-catcher threatens a walker with a stone because she comes too close to his trap!!

And I mean…When Malta joined the EU in 2004, the state was given five years to phase out the practice of bird trapping, which is illegal under the Birds Directive.

But the Maltese government, including hunters and poachers, was apparently trained enough in corruption and fraud to outsmart the EU and its laws, and that is why illegal trapping has continued unabated since 2009.

And that happens in the “civilized” EU …

And then we blame the Africans for not respecting their tigers and for corrupting trophies.
And we ask the Indians to save their elephants and stop hunting them.

Although we ourselves are not able to clean up our own stable of “scientists” type Malta.

My best regards to all, Venus


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