Germany: Slaughterhouse scandal turns into a political thriller!

Mr. H. is a farmer official, local mayor, and pig farmer in the district of Rottweil, in southern Germany.

In his “animal welfare” breeding stables horrific conditions prevail: Hundreds of injured animals, many with the most severe mutilations, as well as countless sick animals – expressly not isolated.

Weak animals are eaten alive by their stressed conspecifics, carcasses are torn to pieces and the dead bodies of the pigs are piled up in the barn.

In the area of ​​the breeding sows, animals were squeezed in cramped crates in a watery fecal broth.
In the barn, there were dying and very emaciated animals, such as piglets or a breeding sow covered in wounds, and seriously injured young pigs.

The farmer’s lobbyist likes to appear in the media and especially to show up with prominent politicians like Agriculture Minister Hauk, Federal Agriculture Minister Klöckner, and also green politicians.

(In order to understand the extent of the animal suffering in this video, nobody needs the German language.
The horror pictures, the shameful grievances speak for themselves)

And here the political site!

The scenes of pigs awakening from the stupor and brutally abused in that slaughterhouse were almost unbearable and led to the slaughterhouse being closed at the beginning of September and massive criticism of the Böblingen district.

After the publication of the documents from the above-mentioned period, it was publicly proven that Minister Peter Hauk had stopped the measures ordered by the responsible veterinary office to remedy these abuses.

Minister Peter Hauk has thus been guilty of criminally relevant aid.


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And I mean..a stable out of control! from here, of course, not made in China!

The keeping of pigs under the worst cruel conditions is legal in Germany because our society regards it as absolutely necessary because the dead bodies of these tortured animals should end up on our plates.

In an interview, the affected farmer and animal abusers described the conditions in his barn as basically okay.
When asked how it came about that the animals look like this, he replied: “Because they fought, cannibalism.”!!

And all of this in a country that describes itself as exemplary democratic and animal welfare-oriented.

With one of the best animal welfare laws in Europe, which says … “Nobody may inflict pain, suffering or harm on an animal without a reasonable reason.”

And for this reason, the suffering of animals in factory farming remains enormous and endless.
The animal abusers of the meat industry do not even need a “reasonable” reason for this, a minister finds that for everyone.

As long as the agriculture minister is elected by the meat industry in Germany, nothing will change

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