Italy: the mafia methods of hunters

Mafia methods: After we had one success after another in Italy this autumn, our opponents are now reaching into the bottom drawer of the bag of tricks: One of our employees received a threatening letter to his private address yesterday:
“Now we know where you live. It’s just a matter of time. You better bring your daughter to the grandparents ”.

Not that we’re particularly scared – it just shows once more what poachers are made of.

Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V.

And I mean…Whoever massacres defenseless animals uninhibitedly loses all sensitivity to his fellow human beings too.
The hunt leads to dehumanization.

Max Planck and Einstein thought hunters were psychopaths. When I read what methods they use to murder and intimidate, this opinion is confirmed.

Hunters have no task in nature, they do not belong to nature at all.

Hunters are pathetic monsters, who are allowed to continue to exist as such because our society tolerates them, covers them, or is indifferent to their crimes against the weaker.

Regards and good night, Venus


Hunters aren’t just professional killers. They’re professional liars too

Our topic today: traps and hunters

Below are some of the hollow, de facto false arguments hunters make about traps when the public asks about it

1. Hunter’s statement: Traps are no longer allowed or used in Germany!
That’s not true!

Trapping is a completely common and widespread hunting method in Germany. However, it is hidden from the public by the hunters.

The trap is used in particular to track foxes, marten, and domestic cats. Many dogs also suffer cruel deaths in traps year after year.

2. Hunters’ statement: Only live traps are allowed in Germany.
That’s not true!

In Germany, manslaughter traps, which are supposed to kill immediately, and live traps in which the animal is caught, are allowed.

Homicide traps are supposed to kill immediately, but often don’t. Many animals die a slow and agonizing death in these traps.

Live traps: Live traps are mostly boxes made of wood or wire, into which an animal is lured using bait or fragrances, lures made by industry.

According to studies, the animal panics when the trap closes – and is often seriously injured from desperate attempts to escape. Due to the panic fear of death, the animals are under high stress and often die of heart failure.

Others, severely injured, often lie hungry and thirsty for hours or days, tormented by cruel pain, and wait for death.

Although the law requires the traps to be checked once a day, it is reasonable to assume that this will not happen. If the traps e.g. are only checked every 2 – 3 days, this means that the animals caught in the so-called live traps slowly and painfully perish from injuries or stress.

3. Hunter’s statement: After being caught with a live trap, the animals are released back into the wild.
That’s not true!

Most of the animals are killed. The old wives’ tale of the release into the wild is told to the unsuspecting citizen in order to conceal the harsh reality in our forests. Animals caught in live traps by hunters are mostly killed. E.g. Foxes and cats.


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And I mean…In the hunting year 1993/94, an average of more than 15,000 wild animals per day died in the German “republic”.

By the guns and the traps of German hunters.

The hunt led to the extermination of bears, wolves, and lynxes. The only reason for these forms of murder was and is the lust for the suffering of animals, the lust for killing.

During the Nazi rule, the majority of the hunting principles that are still valid today became the law in the “Third Reich”: selecting and killing animals that were supposedly weak or surplus animals, destroying alleged pests, … etc …

Even today, the majority of the approximately 388,500 hunters in Germany give the main reason for hunting the joy or “desire” in chasing and killing the animals, the “prey”.

Hunting serves the rule of a minority of 0,45% of the population over animals and all of nature.

Hunting traditions from the Nazi era still prevail, the rich make hunting trips in the style of German colonial rulers and insult opponents of hunting with racist and sexist slogans.

And anyone who disagrees is intimidated at gunpoint.

The best hunters could do would be to shoot themselves and their stupid accomplices in politics too.

My best regards to all, Venus

South Korea: Dog Meat Farms – October Newsletter For Actions – Please Help Now.

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South Korea –  Dog Meat Farms

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