Our message is…


Yes, we agree.
And we are convinced that nobody should be disadvantaged or preferred because of their species.
That is our creed and we will defend it

Regards and good night, Venus


Norwich, England: how to decorate a butcher shop


A butcher who has been branded a murderer by animal rights protesters has thanked customers and the rest of the community who have rallied round to support him.

Graham Fiddy, 62, found “murderer” and other vile graffiti daubed across the front of his butcher’s shop on Aylsham Road, Norwich which also had two large plate-glass windows smashed by protestors.

Mr. Fiddy, who set up Fiddy’s Butchers in 1986, reported the damage to police.
He said he is well aware there are different points of view but could not understand why those responsible could not come and talk to him rather than attacking his shop.

Mr. Fiddy said: “It’s some animal rights group – they don’t agree with what I’m doing”.

Graham Fiddy, 62, found damage by animal rights protesters at his butcher’s shop, Fiddy’s Butchers, on Aylsham Road, Norwich. Picture: Tom Fiddy

“I’ve got friends who are vegetarian but I don’t say you’re wrong or you’re right.

“If they want to do something come in and have a debate with me rather than calling me a murderer and writing it all over the building.

They wanted to have their say and that’s it, but it doesn’t seem right to me.”

Following the attack, which is understood to have happened in the early hours of Thursday, October 8, Mr. Fiddy lost a morning’s trade as he and his son Tom worked with others at the store to clean up the mess that had been left behind by the vandals.

He said: “I turned up for work and unfortunately saw all this mess and thought ‘Oh no’.
“I can get it repaired on the insurance but it’s the hassle and aggravation.
“We had to shut all Thursday morning because there was glass everywhere. It took four to five hours to clear it up.”

But Mr. Fiddy said he has been heartened by the response of customers and the community since the attack.

He said: “It’s nice to see people have been rallying round.
“We seem to have seen everyone this week so it’s been nice they’ve been showing a bit of support from customers. It’s been lovely.(!!!)

As well as Fiddy’s Butcher it is understood Hazel’s Butchers in Corbet Avenue, Sprowston, has also been targeted by vandals who daubed slogans on the property and glued locks in a separate incident which is believed to have happened overnight on Friday, October 9 and was discovered on Saturday, October 10.



And I mean..Of course, the carnivorous customers of Mr. Fiddy have to show solidarity, because only then will they calm their guilty conscience so that the murdered animals taste good again.
This is a tried and tested strategy used by perpetrators and professional animal abusers

The animals cannot go out on the street and demand their rights
We have to do that.
And some do it well.

Thanks to the activists

My best regards to all, Venus


Copenhagen Zoo: zoo perverse

Copenhagen, Denmark – In order to make more space for modernization, the Copenhagen Zoo has now decided to kill three wolves and a bear.

In a press release, the technical director of the zoo stated that “the wolves’ facility is too old and has long since ceased to meet the requirements of today’s animal welfare”.

The zoo wanted to create a newer area and closed the facility without further ado.

Only there was a problem:
As “Focus” reported, the modernization did not seem to be about renewing the wolf enclosure, but rather a planned expansion of the elephant enclosure.

That means the previous facility for wolves is to become part of the elephant park (!!!)

Due to renovation work, there was no more space for the excess animals, so the zoo had no choice but to have them killed.
And the polar bears also need more space, that is why the brown bear had to go.

The brown bear had to make room for a pregnant bear and her future cubs because he was “so old that the zoo couldn’t pass him on”.

However, it is still unclear what will become of the bear mum and her little ones – actually the polar bears also need more space.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Denmark’s oldest zoo has made negative headlines.

In 2014 the almost two-year-old giraffe Marius was killed because of the risk of inbreeding, butchered and fed to lions – right in front of the zoo visitors.

Unfortunately, these four lions were later also killed due to a lack of space, as “Focus” mentions online.

In Copenhagen, however, the killing received approval from other zoos, as this was important “to maintain the health of the giraffe population in Europe’s zoos,” as Focus reports online.



And I mean…Close the zoo and put those responsible in jail.
The most effective would be: Deliver this “zoo director” himself to the lions, bears, and wolves.
We decided that we no longer need him.
And we don’t discuss it.

My best regards to all, Venus