a wombat baby with future

Those who do not practice the rebellion early will end up as system conformists

Have a good night, Venus


The legalization of violence in animal factory



And I mean…In every factory farm in the world, cows are “artificially inseminated” so that milk is continuously produced from their bodies
“Artificially inseminated” is the definition of the milk mafia, that is their language.
In reality, they are raped!

It’s not the only crime against a cow.
After birth, the mother and child are separated immediately.
Milk is for human animals, this perverse habit of still breastfeeding strange milk has only been kept by human animals.
The rape of female animals is very little discussed in public.

Because the ruling species have denied their victims all abilities that are similar or even equal to those that human women would experience if they were raped.
How else would it be possible to exploit cows as milk machines for the rest of their lives, to rape them and still make it legal?
And now we’re back to the language!

So that we get unpunished for our daily murders of animals, we have developed the language of the perpetrators.

If we play down the brutal rape of female animals with “artificial insemination”, then we secure the freedom to treat animals as it suits us.

But animals know the same emotional states as we humans; Fear and pain shake them every time they are raped, and with this, we commit a crime that is not punished only because animals cannot defend themselves.

We want to smash this death machine in the next 10 years.
We have to act politically and put governments under pressure
We have to educate and do street work for the masses.

We remain loyal to the animals and want to stop animal abusers

My best regards to all, Venus