Poland: the Eldorado for gigantic animal factories

Undercover recordings by “SOKO Tierschutz” (SOKO animal welfare) and Polish animal rights activists from VIVA! pl and Otwarte Klatki shows the killing of minks with gas.

On two farms in Poland, the third-largest fur producer in the world, exclusive recordings show how minks survive gassing, are brutally slain, and slowly die among carcasses.

It is the world’s first recordings from the gasification boxes.

Although a new animal welfare law has been introduced in Poland, millions of minks are again being killed for the fur trade – in a cruel way.

The so-called harvest in a Polish fur farm: rows of minks are thrown into a gas box that is filled with carbon dioxide.

A hidden camera in the box proves the horror.

The animals, which are good swimmers, can hold their breath for up to five minutes and run around in the box in a panic. The bloodied walls of the box are silent witnesses of the agony.

After forty minutes the box is opened. Several animals are still alive. The workers try to crush them or to kill them. Even after this ordeal, breathing minks end up on the carcass heap.

The drama repeats itself on a second farm with over 10,000 animals.

The minks are put in boxes for killing, into which gas is then passed. The animals suffocate in agony. (Photo: Soko Tierschutz)

“SOKO animal welfare” appeals to the Polish government to end the fur industry and to continue the path that has already been taken towards a ban on fur farms, despite massive opposition from the fur lobby.

For fur-breeders from the Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland, Poland has become an Eldorado for gigantic animal factories, where you can do what would be forbidden in your home countries or not possible due to high environmental standards.

For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2020/12/16/poland-the-eldorado-for-gigantic-animal-factories/


And I mean…Poland, along with Denmark and Finland, is one of the largest exporters of fur in Europe, especially of mink.
Unlike in Denmark, where many mink will be killed this year because they may transmit the coronavirus, the regular “fur harvest” is currently taking place in Poland.

The pictures in the video show that the minks do not pass out quickly and die quickly, as the agricultural lobby likes to claim.

Fur farming has long been banned in many European countries. Corona made a great contribution to this.

In Germany, the “Animal Products Trade Act” came into force in 2017, which introduced such strict rules that the last fur farm soon closed.

In many other countries – Austria, the Czech Republic, France, or Norway – keeping them is prohibited or it is expiring.

The Netherlands is now ending prematurely because of Corona.

In Poland, on the other hand, according to animal rights activists, five to six million minks are killed on several hundred farms every year.

The agricultural lobby is strong in the country and in parliament because several thousand people work in the industry.
And so the mink breeding and torture continues for the time being.

“Humanity is waging war against nature. That is suicidal. Nature always strikes back with full force and fury,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres this week at a meeting of the United Nations.

Yes, it is! With factory farming (in any form) we have created situations where it is very easy for a virus or other pathogen to jump from one species to another.

But human animals (unlike other species) never learn from their mistakes.
We will not be able to prevent pandemics in the future either, and it is our own fault.

My best regards to all, Venus

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