England: Cruelty Free Vegan and Veggie Christmas Food Suggestions. Set Them Free – Bust the Cages.

Well as it is fast approaching Christmas; it was decided to search around a bit and try to present you with a few choices for your animal friendly, no kill Christmas.  Here below you will find a selection of links for both Vegetarian and Vegan meals and recipes for your Christmas nosh.

Being based in both England and Germany, we see some great news reaching us – for example; ‘Waitrose’ is a top UK supermarket, selling top range food.  They are probably the No1 supermarket in the UK when it comes to their attention to animal welfare and cruelty free food.  They pride themselves on their high welfare standards, and quite rightly so; having won countless awards for their approach. https://www.waitrose.com/home/inspiration/about_waitrose/the_waitrose_way/waitrose_animal_welfarecommitments.html

Waitrose says: Waitrose & Partners wins best retailer for animal welfare standards

Our animal welfare standards are some of the most stringent in the world. We know this because Waitrose & Partners has retained the award for best retailer in Europe for our farm animal welfare standards. We rear all of our livestock to certified higher welfare standards.  

Animal welfare organisation 
Compassion in World Farming (CiWF) judged our standards better than those of 27 other retailers in Europe, including 10 in the United Kingdom. 

CiWF uses its 
Supermarket Survey to judge the winner based on a company’s animal welfare standards for laying hens, broiler chickens, dairy cows and calves, sows and meat pigs and farmed fish. 

In the UK at the moment, Pre orders for Vegan Christmas food up 700% at Waitrose alone; forgetting all the other supermarkets; and we also see that no less than 20% of the UK population are going to have a solely Vegan Christmas when it comes to food this year – amazing ! : 20% of Brits will serve an entirely vegan Christmas dinner this year (veganfoodandliving.com)

We at WAV hope we have played a very small part in this.  Through the site we have bombarded you with news and videos featuring countless exposes of facilities causing untold animal suffering around the world.  The figures above undoubtedly tell us that today, 2020, the world is changing and people are not going to continue to accept cruel animal practices that have gone on behind closed doors in the past.  We have an old saying here in the UK and that is:  “If slaughterhouse walls were made of glass, then everyone would be a vegetarian / vegan”.

People are now voting with their mouths and with their wallets; and the message they are clearly sending is more than clear that they do not wish to be associated with animal cruelty and suffering.  Plant based is the way forward now; and food retailers and food services the world over are now waking up to this – if you want business, then go for plant based food; and cut out the animal cruelty and suffering.

Wishing you a cruelty free Christmas; but please spare a though also for all those who are still suffering within the cages, bars and confines of the factory farm systems.  The fight to free them all goes on and gets stronger every single day.

Regards Mark.

Vegan Christmas Food:






UK – Waitrose – Pre order for Vegan Christmas food up 700% at Waitrose !

Vegan Sales Surge: Supermarkets Report ‘Selling Out’ Of Plant-Based Christmas Foods:


20% of Brits will serve an entirely vegan Christmas dinner this year:

Vegetarian Christmas Food:









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