Fur farms must go

Humane Society International

Millions of fox, mink, raccoon dogs, and chinchillas spend their entire lives trapped in tiny wire cages before being killed and skinned for so-called fashion.

Not only do these battery cage systems cause immense animal suffering, but they are also now proven to present a serious public health risk. The cramped conditions, poor hygiene, stress, injuries and disease, minimal veterinary care, and lack of genetic diversity all mean that fur farms create ideal conditions for viruses to be transmitted.

(To see the video click on the picture)

Twenty countries have already acted to ban the farming of animals.

In light of new evidence that fur farms can also act as reservoirs for deadly viruses, as well as create new viruses, we call on all countries to ban fur farms.

End cruel and deadly fur farming worldwide!

Sign now to end the cruel and deadly fur trade before it causes the next pandemic!

This petition is part of a global campaign initiated by “Fur Free Alliance”.



And I mean…Every year more than 700,000,000 animals are slaughtered for their meat. In Germany.

There are 60,000,000,000 animals worldwide.

In addition, there are 100,000,000 to 300,000,000 living things that are used and killed as experimental animals every year.

And for fluffy fur collars, over 60,000,000 mink and 12,000,000 foxes give up their miserable lives every year, as do around 2,000,000 dogs and cats.

Wasn’t it a matter of time before it took its revenge?

Because we humans don’t care about animals anyway (otherwise we wouldn’t lock them up in wire cages for an expendable fashion accessory and slaughter them), we come straight to the explosive part of the story: the mink variant of the virus is apparently against Covid-19 antibodies more resistant in the human body, which means that it could spread among people who are already immune or vaccinated.
In other words, and in this case: the previous efforts to produce a vaccine would have been in vain.

The WHO warns of excessive concern, but the Danish government recognized the risk immediately and has shut down the industry completely and in these days had all 17 million minks in Denmark culled immediately.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been looking down on the Chinese and their virus-contaminated “wet markets”, where domestic and exotic animals are traded live and slaughtered on site –
“Something uncivilized!” we say- and wonder why the Chinese government did not regulate these hygienic death zones a long time ago.

In the meantime, we continue to shred or gas male chicks (40 million in Germany alone), buy cheap pork, even though we know what happens to the piglets and how their mothers are suffering, and we ignore the mass murder of pigs because of swine flu.

Even if the particularly gruesome pictures come from the fur farms in China, the photos from the fur farms here, in Europe, are also a horror.

Practically, all farms look the same, no matter which country they are in. All show the same bleak, cruel picture that allows only one conclusion: fur is suffering, pain, and contradicts any moral progress in our society, and therefore it has to be prohibited!

In the future no lockdowns will help, only a new morality based on the liberation of animals from their slavery.

My best regards to all, Venus


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