Germany: 8 destroyed high seats and a 75 year old man is the hero

The Kochel police cleared up a series of sawn high seats in the Walchensee area. The perpetrator is a former police officer. The pensioner confesses.

A former police officer has let his hatred of hunters atWalchensee” (Bavaria) run free
Since 2018 he has been sawing, among other things, several high seats
He was caught red-handed.

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The cases go back to 2018, the Kochler police chief announced on Wednesday.

A 75-year-old man from the southern district was identified as the perpetrator.

He confesses and it is a retired police officer

The man was caught red-handed in the forest by one of the victims in August 2020.
The investigation has been ongoing since then.

The officials in Kochel also examined cases from previous years. Until 2018, property damage in the Walchensee area of ​​the perpetrator could be proven, according to the Kochler police chief.

Specifically, there are eight cases with sometimes massive damage to so-called hunting facilities such as high seats and salt licks.

“In some cases, high seats had been completely cut, sometimes only the ladders were sawed,” reports police chief. The property damage is “in the very high four-digit range” (!!!)

The local Hunting Entitled (!!!) and the Bavarian State Forests are affected. Fortunately, no one was harmed in the acts.
It is possible that some high seats were even “climbed in ignorance of the danger”.

The perpetrator confessed to the damage to property.
“As a motive, he named personal problems with hunting wild animals.”

The 75-year-old confessed to some of the cases, while others could be detected by wildlife cameras or the location of the tracks.

“For example, we found traces of paint rubbed off on saws on the suspect.”
The Kochel police have worked through all the cases from previous years in this matter.
The perpetrator has so far not appeared as a criminal offense.

All reports will now be sent to the public prosecutor.

The perpetrator must expect a fine or even a low-threshold prison sentence.

And I mean…First of all, respect and solidarity belong to the man.
In addition, for one more reason: despite his old age, he continued to try to eliminate the execution places in the forest.

Some things should be clarified here about the status of these murder seats.
Not all are legal, but who dares to ask?
And each scrap of them costs a maximum of 200 euros, most of which are built by the hunter himself.

These “salt licks” are nothing more than bait that the hunters put in front of the high seats so that the future victims get used to them and visit the site regularly.

This is the only way the hunter can create a safe execution site for the future.

Of course, the hunters claim that by fattening them up, they help the weaker ones to survive the hard winter in the forest.
But if the winters are as mild as it was in 2020, it should go without saying that no hunter feeds.
But they do it anyway.

By Ohikulkija – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


So.. why are hunters so strongly against a possible feeding ban?

It is clear !! Because by regularly feeding the animals, any city hunter can play the nature boy in the fields and hallways and shoot a deer quickly and not sit and wait long in the high seat.

It is creepy when suddenly there is a bang in a high seat in the forest and animals that have been shot (but not dead) fight for their lives.

For someone who has experienced that, it is unforgettable

Therefore we are happy when these execution places are sawed down.
It is not forbidden.

My best regards to all, Venus


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