Crimes and other little things…

The lack of moral principles and honesty lead to the stupid infantilism with which every meat-eater tries to justify his crime against animals.

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Germany: end of shredding-end of suffering?

Germany will become the latest country to ban the mass slaughter of male chicks in the egg industry, with the government announcing a new decree that it hopes will end this cruel practice in 2022.

THE DETAILS: Every year, billions of male chicks—including 45 million in Germany—are killed by industrial agricultural farmers as they are considered useless by both egg and poultry producers since they do not lay eggs and aren’t the breed used for meat production.

The practice of chick culling includes the brutal method of live-shredding, where chicks are ground up alive in a giant, high-speed grinder.

Last year, France announced a similar ban to go into effect in 2021.

ALTERNATIVES TO REDUCE SUFFERING: “In-Ovo sexing” technology has been developed which detects the sex of chicks in their embryonic state, which allows producers to prevent the development and subsequent death of male chicks.

“In-Ovo sexing” systems use intelligent trays or laser systems to recognize the sex of the egg’s embryo, allowing male or unfertilized eggs can be discarded. After many years of development, this technology is now available and ready to be implemented on a large scale.

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: “This measure represents an important step forward for animal welfare. We have invested millions of euros in alternatives, combining the welfare of animals and economic efficiency on German soil,” says Julia Klöckner, Minister of Agriculture of Germany, noting that she wants the country to be a role model for others.

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And I mean…“The routine killing of newly hatched male chicks is to be banned in Germany from January 2022. The sex of the animals must then be determined in the egg so that the male chicks are no longer incubated and do not even hatch. “

Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner: “The killing of so-called day-old chicks is not ethically justifiable. Germany is a global pioneer with the law. This is a “milestone” for animal welfare. “

To be clear: The fact that the federal government has finally agreed on an exit plan from decades of chick killing is definitely to be seen as a positive trend – and we hope that this “milestone for animal welfare” will actually get rolling so that the millionfold killing of animals in the name of maximum profitability – at least in this sector – finally comes to an end.

But this has long been recognized as an ethical problem – even by the German poultry industry itself, and from a legal point of view, the practice was no longer legal because German animal protection has been part of the Basic Law since 2002.

The fact that Agriculture Minister Klöckner is now boasting that … “the draft is a” milestone “for animal welfare,” is therefore simply outrageous.

In fact, she’s been playing a dirty game in favor of the poultry and meat industries for years.
The ban on the castration of piglets without anesthesia was passed in 2013, and she postponed it for 7 years, finally going into effect on January 1, 2021.

She is considered the cold-blooded agricultural lobbyist in German politics.

45 million beings are only killed in Germany every year because they are of no use to humans.

They are more or less the collateral damage for the other tortured, battered, but still “useful” creatures – the chicken that you can get in the supermarket for only 2.50 € and the eggs almost free

Because we can’t get our already fat throats full.

What a great, civilized society we are … A shame.

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The wolf in our forests – it has to be protected.

A very common mistake is the opinion that the wolf was settled.
The wolf is not settled, but returns by itself.

For centuries, wolves have been in our forests and they have never been a threat to humans.
In the last hundred years, three people around the world are believed to have died from wolves, but this has not been proven.

In all three cases, they were adults.

With the intensification of factory farming (including grazing), its habitats and its prey are terribly minimized!

Wild animals make up just 3% of the total biomass of terrestrial vertebrates on earth!
The rest is “use” animals + people!

Today the wolf is a wanted criminal as soon as he tears a sheep or a lamb from an unprotected flock because he has to survive.

Hunters and farmers are the only “natural” enemies of the wolf.
They have a personal interest in the executions (if not extermination) of the wolves.

And they are exactly the criminals.
The first in nature and the animal world.
The second in animal husbandry!

My best regards to all, Venus